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Yamaha Raptor 350 Top Speed, Specs, and Features (Review)

yamaha Raptor 350

Quad bikes or ATV bikes gain popularity these days. People are exploring the spectacular thrill of off-road excitement. The Yamaha Raptor 350 ever-increasing popularity in off-road activities in almost every part of the world. The ATV bikes often come with top speed and maximum power. These factors also make them difficult for beginners to master. This blog post gives you thorough information about this product: specs, features, and more. Let’s discuss the other uniqueness of this bike.

Yamaha Raptor 350

Yamaha raptor 350 is comfortable in the forest.

Yamaha Raptor 350 is one of the most rugged and reliable off-road ATV bikes. It is heavier than other ATVs, with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes to let you stop on any surface or terrain. This machine has a comfortable seat with rooms and good suspension to smooth the bumps. The seats also comfortably follow your movements. According to the sources, the Suzuki King quad 400 has also manufactured its entry into this segment. So, this can be another option if you want another. It is most famous due to its speed and power. It can run up to 100 km/h with a top speed of 100 km/h. Quad bikes or ATV bikes gain popularity this day.

Explore the spectacular thrill of off-road excitement.

Yamaha Raptor 350 enhances its popularity in off-road activities in almost every part of the world. The ATV bikes often come with top speed and maximum power. These factors also make them difficult for beginners to master. If you are searching for a way to be a daredevil on wheels, Yamaha Raptor 350 is one of your best options. This blog post gives you thorough information about this ride. Hence, the specs, features, and more! Let’s discuss the other uniqueness of this bike.

Yamaha Raptor 350 Specs

Engine type 

Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC Displacement – 351 cc.

Valve system

DOHC Bore x Stroke, 78 x 62.8 mm Compression ratio is 10.3: 1.

Starter System Electric cooling system

Liquid-cooled Ignition system.

Lubrication system

Wet sump Starter motor, electric ACG Output.


This product is utterly high and has one of the highest top speeds. It can carry two people comfortably and three if need be. This motorbike can cover a distance of 25 miles in a single fuel tank, with no hassles. The horsepower of the Yamaha Raptor 350 is 17.8 HP. It weighs about 750 lbs. and has a length of 264 cm. It is manufactured for off-road activities.

Yamaha Raptor 350 Price and Specs

The base model price of the Yamaha 350 is between $4,999 to $5,599, depending on where you live. The price can vary because of the demand and supply in many countries like the US, UK, Australia, etc. The most popular color for this machine is Red. It comes with a 2-year warranty from the company. As you know, the Yamaha raptor 350 is an affordable dirt bike, it’s a good pick for beginners. Yamaha has done a great job with this bike by providing high-quality parts.

Perfect finishing and an easy-to-handle engine

The Yamaha bike is designed in a way that the rider never feels uncomfortable while riding on rough terrain or trails. It weighs just 118 kg which makes it easy to carry around. So, you will be able to take it on your next adventure without any problems. Some features of this speedster include a 21-inch diameter front wheel, high beam headlights, quick shifter and slipper clutch, oil temperature gauge, and speedometer.

Reliable and durable components

The specification of the Yamaha raptor explains with a table the basic stuff of this motorcycle. It includes the engine, suspension, fuel tank, dimensions, and weight of the bike. The engine of the Yamaha raptor 350 is 660 cc which produces 60 PS at 7500 RPM and 55 Nm of torque at 4500 RPM. It has a 6-speed transmission system with proven reliability and durable components which are better than other bikes in its class.

The same goes for its suspension as it is too smooth. So, you will not feel uncomfortable during riding it on rough terrain or trails. The fuel tank capacity is 20 liters which provide good mileage for your journey. So, you will be able to get 30-50 km on one liter depending on your way.

Features of Yamaha 350 raptor

It’s most famous among racers due to its power and torque. Its engine is almost 79 ccs more powerful than its competitors and offers a thrill ride to its riders. It uses advanced technology to produce performance-related output for its users. The reason behind this is that it has high-compression pistons, bigger valves, and an improved combustion chamber design. The other features of the Yamaha 350 are

  • The great sound of the engine
  • The nice-looking bar of the helmet is easy to use
  • The strong and comfortable seat for comfort on long rides

Cheap and reliable

If you have been looking for a cheap and reliable motorcycle, then make sure that you will love this one as it provides an amazing performance. So you should go and test it out while shopping at your nearest authorized Yamaha dealer. If you have any doubts regarding its specifications, then you will be happy to clear them up. Racers know the engineering, sound, and look that makes the Yamaha raptor 350 one of the most famous dirt bikes in the world. Dirt bike magazine readers said Yamaha was their favorite bike for value and ride quality.

Is it a cool ride than others?

But is it too good to be true? Have all these people been deceived into believing a fake opinion? If you are talking about a bike after all, not a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. Some people might be biased toward Yamaha because they think it’s cool. So, they have just never ridden a Honda before. But in general, people are likely giving the Yamaha raptor 350 all this praise because it deserves it. This bike got some power to spare if you do not know how to use it correctly. 

Comparison of speed with other bikes

Why do you never compare the speed of the Yamaha 350 with another bike? As you know, the speed of Yamaha is much high than other bikes. But the quality of Yamaha’s engine is not just another catchphrase, the company uses to convince customers to purchase its products over other brands. The truth is that, in the past, Yamaha has won several awards for its technology. This includes several international awards for engine and performance innovations. Some experts have even compared Yamaha’s power plant to that of Hennessey’s top-of-the-line Venom model.

Performance of Yamaha raptor 350

Of course, there are downsides to this power. The first is cost: $16,000 is a lot of money for a dirt bike. With unique qualities, the Yamaha 350 raptor is the best for its price and performance. The second is maintenance. It’s almost a guarantee that every dirt bike rider will have to perform some type of maintenance on their bike at one point or another. Yamaha’s are not necessarily difficult to maintain, but they do have their quirks. For example, if your gas tank and air filter are dirty, your engine can break down more easily. So, you must keep an eye out for leaks in the engine compartment and make sure all of your seals are in good shape before you start riding again.


The Yamaha raptor 350 is a perfect buy for the adventurous spirit because it is much lightweight. It’s easy to carry around on your touring trip. So, you will be able to reach any location without any difficulties. If you have been looking for the best bike in an affordable range then you should go for this, as it has all the required features that you need from an off-road motorcycle. The Yamaha raptor 350 is powered by a 347cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine. It produces over 35 horsepower which is a lot of power. Riders can use up to 40% of the engine’s full potential and not reach its maximum revolutions per minute.

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