Wynton Harvey: Son of Steve Harvey [Complete Biography]

Wynton Harvey is the son of the most famous personality Steve Harvey. Does anybody know he is from Mary Lee Harvey, the second wife of Steve Harvey? Its full name is Wynton Bryce Lon Ali Harvey, but he was famous by the name Wynton Harvey. His father ‘Steve Harvey’ was a comedian. Before getting fame he joined Twitter in 2013 and posted his first tweet. “Thanks for all the warm welcomes everyone!

He has always worked with a creative mind, he faces ups and downs in his life but he never loses hope and does his work professionally. He always wants to be a great photographer, and after completing graduation, he attended Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia. Let’s discuss the profile summary.

The relationship between Wynton Harvey’s parents

Steve Harvey is the father of Wynton, he has been married three times, and one is the mother of Wynton. The relationship between his mother and father is only for ten years. Their parents spend their ten years happily. After ten years, the Wynton mother could not settle with his father because of status differences. His mother has three homes, $ 40,000 a month until 2009, and $1.5 million. So, Mary gets the divorce, and both of them went to court to get custody of Steve Harry.

Wynton parents

This divorce disturbs the life of Wynton and also changes the life of Steve Harry. At this time, he shares the life of Wynton with his third wife. Wynton has three half-siblings, Karley Harvey Raymond, Randy Harvey, and Broderick Harvey Jr. 

Wynton Harvey Profile Summary

Name                Wynton Bryce Lon Ali Harvey
Parents               Steve and Mary Lee Harvey
 Date of birth     18 July 1997
Place of birth      United States of America
 Nationality       American
Age                    25 years
Zodiac sign        Cancer
Height                5 feet 9 inches
Education          Savanna College of Art and design
Occupation        Photographer, internet personality, model
Religion            Muslim
Marital status    Married
 Instagram         Wynton Bryce Lon Ali Harvey Website
Eyes color           Black
 Net worth     between $500,000 to $6500,00

A short view of his career profession

He gets to start his career when he was 20 years old. He first opened the exhibition in Atlanta. Wynton Harvey also shares images of his creations on social media. It’s the best time to start his career profession, and he dedicates the page of his art and links to his website. He also loves fashion and design. So, he gets the fane in his art in a too short time. He is the youngest and most famous personality on social media. Now his name is considered among the famous photographers. He starts his career in Atlanta and establish his studio, where he does his work and landscape photography to design everyday objects.

Qualification of Wynton Harvey

Wynton Harvey also wants to be a good actor like his father. So, before starting his career in acting, he completes his education. He got admission to Florida international university with his sister. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in 2020. As you know, he gets famous in a short time, so he has 46k followers on Instagram. Firstly he has appeared on T.V on his father’s YouTube channel as a host. So, he starts his career in acting and gets famous. Now he earns millions of dollars from his acting, photography, and fashion carrier in a year. 


As an actor, he has many hobbies and likes to participate in them. He takes a lot of interest in traveling and visiting beautiful places. His profession is as a photographer and loves to participate in short concerts. He is a great fan of fashion. When he was young, he liked crafting. 

Some interesting facts about Wynton Harvey

  • Wynton Harvey has a six-step sibling.
  • He is the last son and the second of Steve Harvey. 
  • He is an all-rounder, participates in short concerts, acting, and is considered a crazy guy.
  • Wynton Harvey is the guardian of the famous personality Steve Harvey.
  • He loves people and takes participates in welfare social activities.
  • He always thinks and wants to have a serious relationship.

Relation Status

He always wants to have a serious relationship, and when he was in a relationship, he tries to keep his love secret. He never wants to appear to show his relationship on social media. So, when he was not married but happy with his beautiful girlfriend. He keeps the secret from any social but not secret from his family. It was a cute couple, and they starts their first date in 2016. His wife, Tylor Gordon, is the daughter of a famous journalist, E.D. Wynton Harvey, who officially announced his relationship on social media on their anniversary on 24 July 2017.

Physical Appearance

He has 5.9 inches tall and has a slim and smart body. He takes care of his body and diet because he loves fashion. Moreover, he has a unique dressing sense and wears branded jeans. He has black hair and black eyes. So, he never uses the same style of glasses and dressing. He changes his look day by day. 

In the final words

As we know, Wynton Harvey is the son of a famous comedian personality. He always learns about fashion and every single thing from his father. His father advised don’t tell a lie and always be away from drinking. He is the only person who gets much fame at a young age. Moreover, he always wants to help the poor and do many things for them. He is much happy to spend his moments with his blinded family. 

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