Why you should update your ERP & 4 ways a CRM improves

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Updating the ERP of a company is a task that is as necessary as it is essential. As there are so many reasons that justify it, the five most important have been selected.

the saving

It is quite common to wait until a new version is released . Its acquisition is an expense that can be alleviated with regular updates. In fact, migrating from an older version to a newer one can lead to data loss. That is to say, updating continuously causes the adaptation to the new version to be more fluid and economical.

No need to program new features

After each update it is possible to enjoy various improvements . The most visible ones are accompanied by others internally that increase the speed of the program. In addition, they can favor compatibility with other platforms.

Not updating the ERP means that you have to waste time programming applications. This causes an added cost to design something that may be included in the corresponding update.

Update adaptation to new laws and regulations

Typically , ERP software programmers include legal news in the corresponding updates. This avoids having to add it later and sanctions that could be unaffordable.

Continue betting on competitiveness

Updates are getting easier to schedule . You can save up to 50% on migration. That is, the company that chooses regular updates will continue to save in the future.

Having the budget for other types of issues is a perfect alternative. Playing with the same cards as rivals who share a market niche as well.

Increase available resources

For years now, updating an ERP has ceased to be a problem. Today, each of them increases the usability of the program by providing new resources.

Working with software without updating is wasting time

In addition, those in charge of maintaining the ERP are being trained in the new versions and not so much in the most outdated ones. Finding a technician with the necessary capacity to face the renewal of a non-updated version is increasingly difficult. The cost is higher and the consequences for the company can be very negative.

A brighter future

This is the direct consequence of updating the ERP in companies . It does not seem very logical to have to invest in repairing a useless program. Therefore, nothing better than scheduling regular updates and keep moving forward.

The five reasons above are just an example of others related to various aspects. Security, usability, maintenance improvement and knowing how customers behave are some of them. Deduce from the above what is the best alternative for any company to remain as competitive as it is reliable.

4 ways in which a CRM improves the management of the experience with your client

 we will explain the ways in which a CRM improves customer experience management , essential for the development of any company today.

Sometimes, companies do not think enough about how important the customer experience they offer is and the need to invest to improve it. A CRM software is not only for organizing important customer data. It also helps to identify and understand our target audience and spot potential customers.

In this way, you help achieve business goals , while improving employee productivity and the customer experience .

What is a CRM?

The acronym CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management , that is, the management or administration of customer relationships.

A CRM is not a software or platform, it is about the integral management of marketing, sales, customer service and relationship set.

The CRM stores all important customer data , both current and potential, such as name and address, and their interactions with the company , such as emails or calls. It is not just a list of clients, but it stores and integrates the data in the equipment. This allows a more precise analysis of customer characteristics and their interactions to build customer loyalty, increase sales and productivity, and attract new customers through personalized campaigns.

Why is customer experience important?

The customer experience is the set of emotions and feelings that the customer perceives from the company. This covers the process prior to, during and at the end of the purchase.

Currently, the market is competent and customers are increasingly demanding, so knowing how to understand them is essential. For efficient management of customer information , we find various digital tools, such as CRM . These are the advantages:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improvement of the company image
  • Customer loyalty
  • Increased sales and profits

How does a CRM improve the customer experience?

As we have already said, the utilities of a CRM contribute to a better customer experience, essential for any company. We present the benefits of incorporating a CRM for your business:

  • Create self-service.
  • Centralize information automatically.
  • Allows easy access to information.
  • Personalize customer communications and strengthen the relationship with them, improving their satisfaction.
  • Improves the relationship between employees
  • Reduce costs
  • Create sales opportunities

Now that you know the advantages of a CRM for your company and a better customer experience , at Dynamics Square , a leading Microsoft gold partner & D365 implementation. We help you digitally transform your business with the best Microsoft solutions on the market, such as CRM and ERP.

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