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Every single event in your life calls for a splendid celebration. Then whether it is your birthday, wedding, anniversary, bridal shower, or grad bash, you need to gear up and throw a party that you and your guests will enjoy and remember for years. 

Just like the trend of celebrating is rising, people are becoming more conscious about capturing their favorite moments. A smiling selfie with a friend, a timeless heart-making pose with a spouse, and a group photo with your batch mates must be captured and preserved for the future. This is why every celebration/event remains incomplete without a photobooth setup. 

Photo Booth

A photo booth setup is a dedicated space for your guests to speak their hearts out through expressions. They can click some amazing photos while having a fun time with their loved ones – something which was kind of a hassle back then when everyone had to respond to ‘Say cheese’ surrounded by a crowd. As soon as arranging a photo booth setup became a trend, buying or creating photo booth prop signs and backdrops became a norm too. 

Why are these accessories essential? The short answer is that these little things add a huge spark to your celebration, especially your photo booth setup. The best part? Prop signs and backdrops are not very pricey, and everyone can grab a little something out of the lot for themselves, depending on their individual preferences, budgets, and themes. One can even take a DIY route (not very recommended, though!) if they’re extremely tight on their budgets or wish to experiment with their own creativity to attract their beloved guests. 

Photo booth set up

All in all, a photo booth set up with a table full of prop signs and accessories is a definite must, especially if you’re looking to make an impression.

Now the real question…

Which prop signs, backdrops, and props should you opt for? Fret not! In today’s article, we will suggest some of the best prop signs, props, and backdrop ideas one can opt for to sizzle up their party decor. Let’s not drag this out further and see what we have in store for you.

Props Signs/Backdrops for a Wedding Event

Hurray! It’s your big day. 

You must have planned something really exciting for your wedding. Not sure which specific wedding day signs and props to add to your photo booth decor? We’ve got you covered. 

If you’re planning a budget event and don’t want to throw money like crazy. We suggest investing in a booth with an easel stand. Now start looking for some ready-made PVC photo booth signs you can display on your stand. The good news is almost all types of wedding signs are available on the market – from rustic displays to contemporary finishes and hashtag options. You can customize them if you have something cool and unique to print on your props signs. 

Props Signs/Backdrops for a Birthday Party

Turning eighteen this year? Awesome!

You can purchase a set of birthday props signs from any online vendor for your birthday booth setup. Look for two-sided options so you can have tons of texts and props to show off on your big day. ‘Birthday Boy’ and ‘Birthday Girl’ kind of messages have now become a thing of the past. Look for options that include unique and hilarious messages. How about ‘Party Diva,’ ‘A Big Fat Cake Eater,’ Eighteen & Elegant,’ and more? 

Choose a booth that lets your guests print instant photographs. Give them away as party favors when they’re on their way back home. 

Props Signs/Backdrops for a Bridal Shower

Nothing is more precious than the feeling of becoming a new bride. Why not celebrate this joy by arranging a sparkling bridal shower? 

Instead of using individual props, you can opt for a huge floral prop sign – something big enough to accommodate you and all your friends. Not fond of florals? Don’t worry! A basic white prop sign frame with text highlighting your name and event would do the job just fine. 

If you want to make individual prop signs, you can easily buy a set online. And get them customized using your preferred sets of words and messages. 

Props Signs/Backdrops for a Graduation Bash

Want to throw a grad bash for a loved one? 

Why not take the entire setup to the next level using some creative prop signs and props? There are many online shops where you can have grad bash signs with texts of your choice. Anything as simple as a grad year would work just fine for a banner. 

Props Signs/Backdrops for a Holiday Party

Holidays are the best time to showcase your creativity and have fun. 

Whether you’re planning to throw a Christmas party or want to gather some friends on New Year’s eve, a photo booth set up with some theme-specific props will breathe new life into your decor. 

Again, you don’t really have to spend a lot of time creating your own props, as you can have them customized by any reliable vendor. All you need to do is look for the best costume. Decide on an exquisite menu, and learn some moves to set the dance floor on fire. The rest will be handled by the booth and prop signs on their own.

Props Signs/Backdrops for a Halloween Party

Adults and children both hold a special love for Halloween in their hearts. And no Halloween should ever go without a booth and Halloween-themed props and backdrops. 

From ghosts and skeletons to witches and zombies and well-crafted pumpkins, you can have anything as props and backdrops for your Halloween-themed photo booth setup. Just don’t forget to keep your lighting low and music mysterious. As these little details will add depth to your decor

Props Signs/Backdrops for a Corporate Event

You can’t go wrong with inspirational prop signs and props when it comes to a corporate event. Messages like ‘Employee of the Year,’ and  ‘ The Best Team Ever,’  will encourage your guests and keep the party spirit alive. While a business celebration should look and feel professional, a little graceful humor never hurts anybody. 

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