Top 9 Android Apps by Developers for Medicine Delivery !

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Apps for on-demand medication distribution are transforming every industry. The healthcare sector now offers apps for making doctor’s appointments and accessing numerous medical services. To reduce this pain, many organization is going digital and spreading awareness of medical delivery online. This makes organizations hire Android app developers to make a simple and excellent medical delivery app.

You can now get your meds online through pharmacy delivery applications, skipping the long lineups at the pharmacy. With the help of online drug delivery applications, you can send a snapshot of your prescription using your smartphone’s camera and have all your medications delivered right to your home.

The Top 9 Pharmaceutical Delivery Applications Are Shown Below:

Which applications work the best now for ordering prescription drugs online? Many of the most popular choices are listed here.


Practo is a well-known name in patient reviews and arranging medical appointments. In 100 Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Lucknow, the company debuted its online medication app.

You may purchase more than 40,000 drugs with Practo. In order to ensure quick delivery of prescription medicines to your home, Practo has worked with neighborhood pharmacies and drugstores. Launch your medication delivery app with us, just like Practo!


  • Online prescription ordering; – Online scheduling of medical appointments.
  • A phone call and text-based conversation feature.
  • Storing medical records.
  • Delivery of medications.
  • A blog offering advice from health professionals.

1 MG

1 mg app enables you to make online drug purchases and find relevant details about your prescription medications. You may discover dosage information, side effects, and other details about your medications by using a medication delivery app like 1 mg.

The company has agreements with neighborhood pharmacies in charge of supplying customer needs. Chennai, Delhi, Lucknow, Agra, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Indore, and Bangalore all have access to this online medication app.


  • Access information about health and medicine
  • Tata 1mg provides accurate and dependable medical information that experts have reviewed, written, and confirmed.
  • Buy prescription drugs online. In more than 1800 Indian cities, you may get free pharmaceutical delivery to your house.
  • Schedule lab tests
  • Speak with a physician online


The NetMeds app is run by Dadha Company, an Indian pharmaceutical company that has been around since 1914. The online pharmacy delivers solely to locations in India, yet orders from around the world.            

You can enter your prescription and place your order using the app. Delivery takes two to three days, and there is a 15% discount on all medications. All around India, some services accept cases on delivery.


  • Online drug shopping, doorstep delivery, and prompt reminders for medication refills
  • Medicine Deals That Save Money Every Day.
  • Online Lab Test Booking.
  • Best Doctors Available Online Around The Clock | FREE Follow-Up Consultation.
  • Access to health information is free.
  • Learn Everything About Your Order.


You may buy goods from a variety of categories using the BookMeds app, including prescription drugs, surgical supplies, orthopedic care, baby and mother care, hospital equipment, medical devices, protein supplements, and fitness gear. 


  • Order medications
  • Remind me to take my pills
  • Surgical supplies
  • Medical equipment
  1. Yodawy

 In Egypt, Yodawy is the best app for ordering medications. Users of the programme may browse a vast library of drugs, and it even provides the appropriate spellings to make searches easier. You may also upload a picture of your handwritten prescription and have experts review the handwriting.

The company collaborates with more than 500 neighborhood pharmacies in Egypt to fulfill orders. The nearest pharmacy delivers medications across the country in less than 30 minutes. Customers’ mobile phones may even allow them to obtain their medical insurance copayments online. 


  • App-based doctor-patient communication
  • Healthcare and medication purchase and delivery
  • A middleman between customers and pharmacies


You may purchase drugs from SmartMedics and speak with doctors from different medical disciplines. In a number of Indian cities, you may get medications online using a phone, computer, or mobile application.

The app provides 48-hour delivery of all prescriptions along with a 22% savings on all medical supplies. The minimum order quantity is Rs. 100, and there are no shipping expenses. The pharmacy will pick up the drug from your home, or you may use the app to upload a picture of the prescription.


  • Place prescription orders
  • Schedule medical visits
  • Check-in with their doctor online

Flipkart Health Plus

 Do you need your medicine within two hours? – A prescription picture may be uploaded to a pharmaceutical delivery app like Flipkart Health Plus in order to purchase drugs. Make your address selection and complete the purchase to get the drugs sent immediately. The same is guaranteed by Flipkart, which also offers significant purchase discounts.


  • Fast delivery of medications;
  • 2-hour delivery;
  • Same-day delivery


The Apollo app makes it simple to buy prescription drugs online. Your meds will be sent within two to 48 hours after placing your order.

The Apollo app swiftly buys medications and baby supplies and offers significant savings and incentives for new and returning clients. Our group can develop an Apollo-like app for Android and iOS that delivers remedies. Call us right away!


  • Drug ordering and delivery
  • Purchasing medical supplies from a nearby drugstore
  • Excellent deals


PharmEasy is one of India’s top subscription websites for prescription drugs. You may order over-the-counter (OTC) items, medical supplies, and prescriptions via PharmEasy and have them delivered to your home in 24 to 48 hours. You can launch a medication delivery app similar to PharmEasy quickly with the help of our staff!


  • You may schedule diagnostic testing online,
  • Purchase over-the-counter medications and medical supplies
  • Schedule blood tests
  • Lab tests
  • Full body exams
  • Other preventative health screenings


India has significantly benefited from the Uber app for the delivery of medications. The business offers discounts to customers who use an app for medication delivery while maintaining a solid profit margin. Patients are then immediately delivered to their homes.

The success of pharmacies nowadays depends on on-demand pharmacy apps. Please contact us immediately to use our medication delivery application development company to advance your pharmaceutical business.

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