Things to Know About Translating Marketing Materials

Translating Marketing Materials

Do you know just like writing, translation also changes? It depends upon the form of content material. According to the content, translation material has to adapt. The important type of content that is required in this digital age is marketing. It requires creativity. No one size fits the translation. Therefore, translating the marketing material requires brainpower, flexibility, and creativity. Therefore, this type of content requires transcreation services.  

What is Transcreation?

Transcreation is the amalgamation of two words translation and content creation. It is like reading a text and rewriting it in your words in a different language while considering the regional and cultural nuances. Imagine translation like a piece of a puzzle and transcreation is a kind of puzzle with many moving pieces. 

Marketing is one of the top content that requires transcreation. Translation of advertising, novels, literature, and videos are examples of content that needs transcreation. There is a great difference between translation and transcreation. For transcreation, a person should require a unique skill set that involves. 

  • Competent in research work 
  • Proficiency in at least two languages 
  • Know-how of marketing 
  • Creativity and flexibility  

Types of Marketing Material 

Marketing materials are different types of content that are used for marketing purposes. Professional advertising translation services are one part of marketing material. Due to globalization, it has become very easy for entrepreneurs to expand their business outside the borders. Therefore for enticing the different target markets to buy your products and services, the demand for marketing materials is increasing. Let’s have look at different types of marketing content. 

Website Copy 

The content on the website should fit all the designs. Therefore, if you want potential customers to buy your products and services, you must translate the website into a language that customers understand. To make website translation effective, again transcreation is required for marketing material. 

Sales Pages and Landing Pages 

Just like website copywriting, sales pages, and landing pages are the significant web pages that are used for marketing and sales. Some pages are used for lead generation while others come with call-to-action pages like read now and buy now. Making the target market take the action and buy the products is not an easy task. For translating the sales and landing pages, expert translators are required to ensure that website visitors don’t leave your page without buying anything.

Ads and Advertising

Whether it’s the translation for social media ads, radio, and TV, all types of advertisement require state-of-the-art transcreation. Similarly, translating marketing campaigns such as TV ads, and Google ad campaigns required a combination of creativity and transcreation.


Slogans are the most enticing part of marketing materials. The person who translates the slogans must be creative and an expert in translation. 

Banners & Flyers 

Banners, flyers, brochures, and other printed form of marketing material requires proficiency in languages and creativity. From designing to translating the content according to the cultural and regional nuances can sometimes go wrong because they are mostly in printed form.  

Movie Titles

Movie titles are not included in mainstream marketing material. People who love movies look for translated versions and series while exploring Netflix and AppleTV. Netflix uses transcreation to translate titles for movies. They also use the creative translation for their subtitling efforts. You must be thinking why Netflix is putting efforts into translation and transcreation. The answer is that they want to expand their markets across the globe.    

Why Translating Marketing Material is Hard? 

Let’s find it out why translating material is hard. 

Proficiency in Both Languages with Flexibility and Creativity 

No doubt, that marketing requires creativity  But in translation, you need to be more creative to deliver the content with the right tone and style. In addition to it, it needs to be flexible because they need to say things in many ways. The translator needs to give attention to details to give the translator’s content a local touch. 

The Amalgamation of Several Types of Translation 

Depending upon the content and what is being translated requires transcreation and localization. For instance, a slogan translated for a Saudi audience will be different from an Iraqi one and these both can be different from an Egyptian one.  No doubt that these three audiences speak Arabic. However, the marketing message and copy are directed to three audiences regarding tone, dialect, and habits.

The Translator Must be Proficient in More than One Thing

When translating marketing materials, the translator should be a good researcher, a marketer, a creative and cultural-aware bilingual speaker, and a writer.  After translating the marketing content, another translator reviews the content to make it culturally relevant. This makes creative translation more expensive than standard translation and localization. 

Diversity and Inclusion 

Because of diversity and inclusion, global organizations hire the best talent from around the globe. These employees provide the employer with Certified Education Translation documents so that they can check their required expertise. After hiring employees from different countries, global companies spend money on the training and development of their employees. For this, they take the assistance of e-learning translation services. No matter, where your employee is located, he or she can upgrade their skills with the help of these translation services. 

Wrapping Up 

Marketing content has many moving parts. It’s creative and flexible. Some brands and companies also use sarcasm. In short, marketing is about the play of words. Marketing content with the help of transcreation services can protect your company in international markets. Any error in marketing content, translation, and transcreation can ruin your business image in the world. So invest in translation and transcreation wisely.

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