‘Starbucks the Edward’: Price, Recipe & Viral Facts

starbucks edward drink

“Starbucks the Edward” is a complex Frappuccino consisting of 13 different ingredients that cost about 14 dollars. You can also get this drink if you have 150 reward points from Starbucks. The sweet and caffeinated drink is quite famous over the internet and has quite a history behind it.

Why is it named Edward Starbucks, and how it went viral?

There is a history behind the Edward Starbucks drink. Once a customer named Edward ordered a Frappuccino and customized it with 13 ingredients of his choice. The barista made the complicated drink and posted the pic of that drink with its ingredients mentioned, and this is how it went viral people on the internet were amazed about the 13-ingredient drink costing 14$.

Edward drink

The barrister deleted the drink pic as it was against Starbucks’ social media policy for which they decide to fire that employee for breaching their social media policy. So that’s how the drink is named after a customer and got famous due to the employee.

13 Ingredients:

The unique and popular drink is made up of the following 13 ingredients:

  1. Venti Caramel Crunch Frappe
  2. Five bananas
  3. Ex caramel drizzle
  4. Extra whip 
  5. Extra ice
  6. Ex Cinnamon Dol Top
  7. Seven pumps add Dk Caramel Sauce
  8. One pump Honey Blend
  9. Ex Salted Bm Btr
  10. Five pumps Frap Roasted Coffee
  11. 7 Add Frappucci006Eo Chips
  12. Heavy cream
  13. Double blended

Recipe to Make Edward Starbucks?

  • To make this magical drink, we’ll need a blender. First of all, take five bananas and add them to a blender. This beverage is suitable for people who like bananas or have a potassium deficiency; adding five bananas gives a creamy texture and increases the drink’s volume.
  • Add Cinnamon Syrup and one pump of natural honey to the bananas.
  • Add extra ice into the blender so that there is a balance between solid and liquid. 
  • Add extra Cold Brew or Frap Roast and heavy cream into the blender.
  • Double blend all the mixture in the blender to make a flowy liquid, or it’ll look like cottage cheese.
  • Now get the cup ready and do Extra Caramel Drizzle! Drizzle the cup surfaces with caramel so much that one can’t see the inside. Also, fill three-quarters to half an inch of the cup with Extra Caramel Drizzle so you can suck caramel directly from the bottom and not from the sides by scraping.
  • Also, layer the sides of the cup with caramel crunch.
  • Now pour the shake from the blender into the cup.
  • Add whipped cream, salt, caramel, crunchies, honey, and caramel on the topping.
  • Cover the cup with a lid, insert a straw, and it is ready to serve.

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Final thoughts:

The Edward Starbucks drink is a calorie-dense beverage you can have if skipped a meal, as it is heavy and thick due to its significant banana content. This drink is a nice treat for holidays or anyone who want to enjoy and satisfy their sugar craving.

 It is sugary and fatty as well. The drink is an excellent choice for lean people or those with a high metabolism system. People who have problems like cholesterol, Diabetes, or obesity should avoid having it or should consume it less often. 

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