Starbucks Drink Sizes: Complete Guide 2023

starbucks cup sizes

Starbucks drink was first discovered in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker! And if we talk about its flavors, everyone knows they come in different flavors! Aside from the flavor, its cups come in different sizes, which may be confusing for some!  

cup sizes

If you want to order a Starbucks drink but need clarification about its size, you don’t need to bother anymore! Because in this article, we’ll explain all cup sizes in depth!  

What’s the smallest & largest cup size at Starbucks? 

As we know, there are different sizes when it comes to Starbucks! Demi is the smallest cup size for Starbucks drinks, and Trenta is the largest one! Trenta is a 30-ounce cup that is only available for cold drinks! 

We’ll discuss the other sizes in the rest of the article, so you will understand when ordering your next go-to Starbucks. 

Size of Cups: 

Officially, Starbucks offers three sizes of drinks, including tall, Grande, and Venti! Below you will find a list of all the sizes you can choose from for your drinks! 

starbucks tall, venti and grande
  • Demi (3oz or 89ml) 
  • Short (8oz or 236ml) 
  • Tall (12oz or 354ml) 
  • Grande (16oz or 473ml) 
  • Venti Hot (20oz or 591ml) 
  • Venti Cold (24oz or 709ml) 
  • Trenta Cold (31oz or 917ml) 

Detailed explanation about Starbucks cups: 

Now let’s take a closer look at the sizes of the drinks available at Starbucks. 

1. Demi (3oz or 89ml): 

demi cup

“Demi” refers to a half cup derived from the French “demitasse.” There are different sizes at Starbucks, but the Demi is the smallest of them all. Due to its small size, it is mainly used to serve espressos and is usually 3 ounces in size. Moreover, coffee lovers generally refer to demitasses as small espresso cups.  

2. Short (8oz or 236ml): 

Short (8oz or 236ml): 

A short size was one of Starbucks’ original sizes when it first came out in the 1970s. But, in order to save space, it was taken off the menu a while ago. 

Nevertheless, it is still an option for those who wish to enjoy a hot beverage. Moreover, in most cases, the short size is your little choice for your drink. 

 3. Tall (12oz or 354ml): 

starbucks tall cup

A tall cup is considered the smaller option in Starbucks, even though a short cup is also available. No matter how hot or cold the beverage is, it weighs 12 ounces. Moreover, it is common to make tall drinks using a single shot of espresso. A tall latte is a good choice if you like your lattes with a little extra milk.  

4. Grande (16oz or 473ml): 


Grande means “large” in several languages. The term is only used at Starbucks for medium-sized beverages. In addition to the hot and cold liquids, the mug contains 16 ounces.  

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Starbucks’ Grande espresso drinks come with two shots of espresso, equivalent to two cups of coffee holding six ounces each. In addition, there are a lot of drinks on the menu that you can use in Grande!  

5. Venti hot (20oz or 591ml) 

Venti hot

 Venti is an Italian word meaning “twenty.” Moreover, it is the largest size cup at Starbucks! If you want a venti hot, it equals 20oz! Moreover, you can get two shots of espresso in this drink!  

6. Venti Cold (24oz or 709ml): 

As we know, “Venti” is translated from Italian as twenty, and the size of the Venti cold drink is 24 ounces! Among Starbucks’ espresso-based iced drinks, the Venti cold is the most substantial size. Moreover, it will include three shots of espresso. 

Venti Cold

You must go with the Venti cold if you’re looking for the most espresso in a standard drink. There is no doubt that this drink is huge, but it is not the biggest on the menu—more of a typical espresso drink of a suitable size.  

7. Trenta Cold (31oz or 917ml) 

Trenta is the largest cup size at Starbucks! In Italian, the word Trenta means “thirty,” meaning it consists of thirty ounces! Furthermore, one of the most important things you should know about Trenta is that you can get only iced coffees! You cannot get espresso-based shots in it!  

Trenta Cold

This is limited to some drinks, including cold brew, blended drinks, iced tea, lemonade, and refresher Trenta size!  

 What is the best and cheapest Starbucks drink? 

On the menu of Starbucks, if you want to buy the cheapest drink, you can try cold blew, which is the best one! And you will be amazed by listening to its price, $2! I know it may be shocking for you, but it’s true! If you are a new customer and want to enjoy Starbucks drinks, you must try cold brew!  

Although Starbucks drinks are popular worldwide, they became even more popular after Henna posted a TikTok about Starbucks drinks named Starbucks under the sea refresher

In a nutshell: 

Whether you want a hot or cold drink, you can get all these things on the Starbucks menu! Furthermore, one more plus point, you should know about Starbucks drinks so that you can get them in different sizes, including short, demi, long, Trenta, etc.!

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