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Starbucks Color Changing Cups Complete Guide 


Perhaps you’ve heard about the latest internet trend! “Starbucks Mystery Color Changing Cups,” and you might wonder what makes them so popular!  

color changing cups

 Starbucks’ color-changing cups have attracted the attention of many Social Media influencers on Instagram as they have become a trend on insta and already have 14.1k posts with the hashtag #starbuckscolorchangingcups


And they deserve the hype as they are insta-worthy! And not only have these cups taken over the insta, but many have also started talking about it on Twitter, which means they are worth the cost and hype! 

For those who still need more, let’s look at this product from start to finish! 

What is color changing cups? 

The color-changing Starbucks cup describes how these drink holders change their color when you put them in a different light depending on what you pour into them. 

And surprisingly, Starbucks has introduced its color-changing cups to upgrade its game in the market for both seasons! 

Types of color-changing cups that you can get at Starbucks: 

No one wants the fun to be stopped; this is why Starbucks has covered you for every season! 

  • Color-Changing Reusable Cold Cup (For Summer) 
  • Color-Changing Reusable Hot Cup (For Winter) 

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Color-Changing Reusable Cold Cup (For Summer) 

These cups are primarily helpful in summer for cold refreshments, such as Starbucks refreshments, milkshakes, and more! So how do these cups work? You might think pouring your drink into these would cause it to change, but that’s not the case! The magic happens when you expose the cups to sunlight or UV light, and they will change color! 

You can order these cups from Starbucks online or visit any nearest Starbucks parlor to get your cups! 

These cups come in a pack of 5 under 20$ (price may vary). 

In what colors can you get these cups?  

Well, we have seen a lot of colors on Instagram, but the pack we received upon ordering was green, blue, purple, red, and pink! And when we tested them out, we learned that these cups change their color differently! Occasionally, these green cups turned yellow, and sometimes they turned orange. It might be because of the drink types we have in the cups! In the sky-blue cup, the color turns from baby blue to cobalt blue, and for pink, it turns to a teal color! 

Moreover, you can fill these cups up to 24 fl oz, which means its size is enough for your one drink! 

Color-Changing Reusable Hot Cup (For Winter) 

Did you think that Starbucks only makes color-changing cups for cold drinks? If that’s the case, then you might be wrong here! To our surprise, they also make color-changing cups for hot beverages!

And we could only find one on their website, so our review would be only that! You may find more than one design on the coffee parlor! But here’s what we ordered! 

Lilac Color-Changing Lips Plastic Hot Cup – 16 fl oz: 

The only color-changing cup that we got in our hands was this one! These cups may come in different colors, but we received the same one!

How do these cups work? 

You might be wondering whether they work similarly to cold cups. They do not! These cups change their colors when you pour your hot drink into them, and they start to change colors! Moreover, these cups only hold up to 16 fl oz of drink! And to us, it was enough! 

Do these cups worth the attention?  

Yes, these cups are good to have around! For instance, if you want to make your profile insta worthy and be noticed, these cups are perfect for you! We recommend you buy it! It may give you the kick you want in your social media life! 

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