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What is “Search Google or Type a URL” & Which to Choose?

Search Google OR Type a URL

Do you want to solve “OR” between Search Google and Type a URL? Billions of users come to Google Search Engine to look for information for their specific purpose.

According to an estimate, 8.5 billion people use Google Search Console daily, and on average, each person uses Google three to four times a day. Moreover, Google runs around 99,000 search queries in one second.

“Search Google or Type a URL” is a debated term among all internet users. Do you want to know what you should do? Some people think searching on Google is the best way to search for anything and know what you want.

On the other hand, typing a URL will be pretty beneficial to look at something specific compared to Search Google. What is the best way? Let’s take a comprehensive look at these two terms, with some facts and reasons. Before I proceed, I would like to discuss a word called “Omnibox” for your better understanding.

What is Omnibox? 

There is a bar at Chrome’s top side known as Omnibox. It is a traditional web browser address bar, also known as a search bar.

As shown below in the image.

Google Omnibox

It combines your browsing address bar with the Google search box in one place on your browser. You can use it as a search bar to Search Google or Type a URL. Now you know what it is, Search Google OR Type a URL.

What is “Search Google or Type a URL”? 

Whenever you open Chrome, you move towards a new web. Whenever you open a new tab in Chrome, there is a search box known as Omnibox. And “Search Google or Type a URL” are words or phrases shown in the Omnibox by default. It will give two options to use Chrome to search according to your choice and need.

● You can type your search queries into the Omnibox, and after that, click on the enter button to proceed with your research.

● On the other hand, you can also type or paste a website URL into the Omnibox you are looking for. Click on the enter button, and you will get your specific information.

How to search for a specific phrase and keyword on Google? 

In the Omnibox, you can search by two methods. One is “Search Google,” and the other is “Type a URL.” If you want to search for a specific phrase and keywords on Google, you can do it by using Search Google Option.  

●      By using the “Search Google” Option

Everyone can get access to search engines to search their search queries. The Internet was created to facilitate its users with the solutions to their problems and answers to their questions.

You can search specific phrases and keywords on Google and get access to anything you want. When you use the “Search Google Option,” you will see a lot of websites and pages related to that phrase and keywords.

specific search on Google

This option is best when you need to learn about the specific website and page and remember the URL of your desired website. When you use Search Google Option then, you can use it to get vast amounts of data.

When you put a keyword, a website name, or a closely related phrase, the search engine gives a lot of data related to your search query. Now it will be easy for you to collect information of your interest.

How to search for a specific website on Google? 

Omnibox gives two options for searching, so you can do it with the second way you can apply while doing web indexing. And the second option is to type or paste a website URL.

●      By using the “Type a URL” Option.

This is the second way of web indexing that you can apply to save your time and prevent yourself from hassle. And you can do this when you know the URL of the website. Then you can type or paste the URL of your website and go to your required website.

URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator.” It is the short address of the website that you will see in the search bar whenever you open a website. When you use the “Type a URL” option, it will be the expressway to access any website.  

It will move you toward the only website that you want to open. It doesn’t matter if your desired website ranks on the search engine. Google will show you only that website. Type a URL is quite an easy, simple, and time-saving process.

Because when you type a URL, you prevent yourself from a long and hectic process of accessing information from scratch. So, if you want to go through and get access to a specific website, “Type a URL” is the best option for you while browsing. 

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What is the difference between “Search Google” and “Type a URL”? 

Above, I discussed these two terms individually. Both are simple but depend on your requirement, situation, and need.

● “Search Google” is a long and hectic process to search for something. But it will help you in finding your correct answer from scratch information on the Internet if you forget the website’s URL and name of that website.

● It will show a list of top-ranking websites according to the keywords and phrases on the top search pages.

● On the other hand, “Type a URL” is another simple and easy method compared to “Search Google.” If you know the URL of the website, then “Type a URL” is the best option for you.

● It will save you time and directly move you toward your website. This option will prevent you from harassment by other websites.

(As a Bonus Point) How to search by using Search Voice Method? 

Besides “Search Google or Type a URL,” other options exist to explore your search queries. Search by using the voice method is one of the options of Google search. Because Google offers to use your microphone on your mobile device and your PC. To use this search method, you have to follow the following steps:

● Click on the microphone icon on Chrome.

● Afterward, you must select the “ALLOW” option and allow it.   

● Click the microphone icon at the search bar.

● Then, speak into the microphone what you want to search for.

● After asking questions, the Google Search Engine displays results that match your search query.


As we know, the Internet is a vast network of different pages and websites with massive databases. You can explore and assess your required information and website through web indexing. You can access your desired query using the “Search Google or Type a URL” method.

We can’t deny the importance of these terms because it depends on them. If you know the exact URL of a website, you should use the “Type a URL” method, and if you forget, you should use “Search Google” to access your search query.

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