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Third-party addons and modules can significantly enhance the performance of any CRM. Similar is Perfex CRM. Perfex CRM. In this article, we’ll review the top Perfex add-ons. We will also attempt to learn what they can be and how to use them to help you get more done.

Perfex CRM can be easily updated by custom development and third-party module. In the end, we offer a wide range of addons and modules which let users expand the features of the best crm and accounting software system. These range from additional ways to pay to more effective communication emails and much more.

Best Perfex addons and Perfex PCR Modules

It’s a follow-up of Our Top CRM module For Companies , which can be found here. The majority are Perfect AdWords modules we have used and found helpful.

Modules to facilitate communication

Numerous Perfex CRM modules are specifically designed to improve interactions with your customers.

Live chat with the Perfex CRM.

Perfex CRM Chat is a PHP, JavaScript, and JQuery-based program that allows instant chat communications. Think of it as an actual walkie-talkie but using the server. It uses internet sockets, not HTTP queries. This means that your server will be quicker and instant communication between your staff and customers will be much easier.

  • More intricate features include exporting conversations, grouping chats, and creating tickets from those chats.  
  • It’s a great option when you’d like to connect in real-time, but you do not want to invest lots of dollars on live chats or walkie-talkies.  

Excellent for webmail

Setting up “Mailbox, the web-based mail client module that integrates with Perfex CRM” in Perfex is an excellent idea to consolidate all of your communication options in one place. The mailbox client has been integrated into your dashboard.

  • Once activated after activation, you and your team can create, send, and manage IMAP emails directly from the perfex crm setup.  
  • It removes the necessity to switch accounts and will save you money on a costly webmail application.  

Custom SMS Notifications

“Custom email notifications and SMS for Perfex CRM” is among our top Perfex CRM features. It’s beneficial because it allows employees to send personalized emails and SMS notifications directly to users from the backend of Perfex CRM. While email is excellent, text messaging can provide more intimate and real-time interactions.

Modules for business and sales

The most crucial element of any sales first encounter is scheduling your prospect’s time. Many online platforms let you give an online hyperlink. These platforms allow other users to make their schedules in your calendar. The tools listed are minimal and accessible, robust, yet expensive.

  • Perfex CRM module; thankfully, they include an addon. It is a clone of the functionality and interfaces with the application directly.  
  • It also comes with many additional options, such as SMS notifications, external functions, and a deep connection to the custom features offered by default by Perfex CRM. 
  • It allows you to create appointments via the interface that integrates with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.  

Sales commissions

The CRM module can be described as the “Sales Commission Plan of Perfex CRM,” linked to sales. It’s beneficial for the sales reps of your business. This is because it is easy to add commissions for advertising items or services through the module.

  • The module allows you to transfer a portion of the purchase or invoice to the designated sales representatives.  
  • Businesses that are currently using this may pay for services from third parties. But, by incorporating the module, you won’t make any losses.  

Management of Inventory

Perfex CRM doesn’t just cater to service providers. With this program, any company involved with inventory management could benefit from this powerful platform.” Perfex CRM Inventory Management provides precisely what’s on the label: it permits you to keep track of items during your supply chain. It allows you to make more informed decisions using the information in Comma’s platform and links products or items to receipts or customers.

Human Resource Management is a term that is used to refer to

HRM is a term used to describe human resource management as the most crucial feature of Perfex CRM that is not being met. It’s a fascinating feature that many companies require. It’s, therefore, a welcomed feature to add. It helps you keep track of your payroll employees, shifts, and working hours, as well as insurance information, in addition to other aspects. The HR module can generally be an enormous time and money savings if you own an entrepreneur-sized company with a few employees.

Woo Commerce integration is Available

The Woo Commerce module in perfex crm email integration effortlessly connects your online store to your CRM. All customer information is sent directly from the store’s administration system. For example, all purchases, customer receipts, products, and orders are transferred across the platforms.

Rest Application Programming Interface.

The other Perfex modules for CRM APIs let users connect the application with third-party applications for integration. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available in the main product. But, you can use it in conjunction with a third-party application. This API relies on HTTPS, and the format of data is JSON.

The possibilities are endless.

ACH payments should be made using

If you are taking high-value transactions, the current PayPal and Stripe integration may not be enough as each charges 3 percent per transaction. With the rising payment costs, ACH has become a more desirable option for transactions in financial institutions. Just purchase Perfex Stripe ACH Gateway Perfex Stripe ACH Gateway to improve your Perfex CRM integration experience.

  • Users can pay using their bank accounts. Additionally, the accounts will be stored on your Stripe Account as custom objects for future use. 
  • If you have higher-priced invoices that you want to keep and get rid of transaction fees, This is a fantastic alternative.  

Modules with themes

The design of offices is simple and professional.

Although we’ve written an entire article on themes for changing Perfex CRM’s general design, this module is among the most well-known and is used to replace internal forms. It benefits your customers and employees as it’s easier to use and has a contemporary design.


As you can observe, Perfect CRM has an extensive collection of third-party applications and Perfex addons that increase the functionality of the software, its user-friendliness, and its utility. It’s an excellent source. Contact us through the comments section below for any questions regarding the top Perfex CRM modules or addons for Perfex CRM.

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