How Jimmy Donaldson became Mr. Beast [Complete Biography]

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Jimmy Donaldson is a 24 years old YouTuber commonly known as Mr. Beast. Jimmy was born on May 7, 1998, in Wichita, Kansas, US. He has the 5th most subscribed channel on YouTube. Moreover, he’s a humble and very kind person. Jimmy never buys any very expensive instead of wasting money; Jimmy donates it to needy people.

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Jimmy’s father’s name is Stephen Donaldson; he is a businessman by profession. Jimmy’s mother’s name is Mrs. Donaldson; she is a housewife. He also has one elder brother, who is also a famous YouTuber. His brother’s name is CJ Donaldson.

His Early Lifestyle:

Jimmy graduated from a private secondary school named Greenville Christian Academy. After that, Jimmy goes to East Carolina University. But he has to drop it to pursue his YouTube carrier. He is unmarried but dating a famous Instagram model ”Maddy Spidel”. Both look good with each other. It seems like they got married very soon.

How did he start his YouTube Journey?

Jimmy started his YouTube channel named “MrBeast6000” in early 2012 at the age of 13years. His early content was performing commentary on video games and estimating the wealth other YouTubers were earning.

Worst Intros

In 2015-16 he started his new series titled ”Worst Intros”. In this series of ”worst intros” he was reacting to the worst and good intros of fellow YouTubers. He got popular after his video titled “counting to 100,000”.This video gets thousands of views in a few days. Since then, Jimmy has become very popular.


Gradually he adds more colors to his content, including giving or doing different challenges and donating to needy people. Once he gained much hope, he hired his friends and family to work with him and maintain the channel.


In 2020, Jimmy became one of the ten highest-paid YouTubers. His main channel, “MR BEAST,” attained 100 million subscribers on July 28, 2022. Along with YouTube, Jimmy also does business; Jimmy owns a fast food brand called Mr. Beast Burger and a philanthropy channel where he helps needy people.


‘’FlyyDoesYT’’ is a YouTuber editor, and he got a chance to work with Mr. Beast for one week. He uploaded a video of 25minutes full of allegations that the MR beast is faking in front of the camera; he is not real.

’FlyyDoesYT’’ is a YouTuber editor, and he got a chance to work with Mr. Beast for one week. He uploaded a video of 25minutes full of allegations that the MR beast is faking in front of the camera; he is not real 

Mr. Beast replied, “I have given money to many of the people and am not faking it; you can ask them for your assurance.”

MR Beast’s Team

When Jimmy gains the limelight, he never forgets his childhood friends and appoints them to his team, and now they are working together. They are a team consisting of 30 members.

Curious about his car collection and net worth?

Jimmy is very crazy about cars. He enjoyed driving cars. He has a Lamborghini hurricane Snyder, along with a Tesla Model 3, Nissan Armada, BMW 3 series, and Lamborghini Gallardo.

Net Worth Chart (2017-2022):

  1. MR Beast’s Net Worth in 2022 is $56 Million.
  2. MR Beast’s Net Worth in 2021 is $50 Million
  3. MR Beast’s Net Worth in 2020 is $45.5 Million.
  4. MR Beast’s Net Worth in 2019 is $38 Million.
  5. MR Beast’s Net Worth in 2018 is $32.5 Million.
  6. MR Beast’s Net Worth in 2017 is $25 Million.

Did you know Mr. Beast owns a burger franchise?

MR Beast launched his virtual restaurant brand called MR Beast Burger in December 2020. His restaurant is based on a virtual dining concept and serves food through online delivery services.

Currently, they have outlets of over 1,000 locations in North America and Europe. MR Beast is serving burgers, French fries, desserts, and canned beverages.

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Source of revenue to struggling restaurants

MR Beast Burger has become the second source of revenue in COVID-19, as it offers a lot of food that is very common and popular among the people of America.

Inspired by the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (MR. Beast Bars)

MR Beast launches his new food restaurant, “MR Beast Bars.” in January 2022. In the beginning, they offered 3 bar flavors original, quinoa crunch, and almond.


In 2019 he wins the Breakout Creator award.

In 2020 he won YouTuber of the Year, a good social creator, and a live special.

In 2021 he won Creator of the Year and Favorite male social star.

In 2022 he wins Favorite Male Creator.

Top MR Beast’s Popular Channels

  • Beast Reacts
  • MR Beast Gaming
  • MR Beast Shorts
  • MR Beast 2
  • Beast Philanthropy
  • Don’t Subscribe
  • MR Beast Hindi

Beast Reacts

Your Guide to the Best of Beast Reacts - Social Nation

MR Beast starts this channel for reaction & review videos. Beast Reactions channel is mostly run by his friends, but he has appeared on this channel several times.

MR Beast Gaming

Make This Jump and I'll Give you $10,000! - YouTube

 MR Beast started this channel in April 2020 for his gaming videos. MR Beast’s friends, Karl, Chris, and Chandler, usually appear in these videos. It has become the growing channel in terms of subscribers as it gets 11.3 million subscribers.

MR Beast Shorts

The YouTube Shorts Superstars Driving Massive Views - TubeBuddy

Jimmy also has a short video channel where he uploads videos of himself and his friends from a vertical angle.

MR Beast 2

MrBeast 2 - YouTube

MrBeast2 is an alternative channel of MR Beast, or you can say a backup channel; it has 7.6 million subscribers.

Beast Philanthropy

MrBeast announces plan to donate 10 million meals a month with philanthropy channel - Dexerto

Beast Philanthropy is also MR Beast’s channel, where he makes videos of giving free food or house to poor people, and all the revenue from this channel goes to poor people.

Don’t Subscribe

Don't Subscribe has reached 700,000 SUBSCRIBERS! - YouTube

Jack Massey Welsh also known as “jacksucksatlife”, is an English reaction and gaming YouTuber. Although MR Breast never meets with Jack, both have some attachments. Jimmy created this channel for Jack on every subscriber count increase. Jack gets ten cents in his account from MR Beast.

MR Beast Hindi

MrBeast Hindi Just hit 50K Subs : r/TimeworksSubmissions

MR Beast Hindi is specially created for his Hindi audience so that people who don’t know about English can get entertained by MR Beast.

So here’s all you need to know about Mr. Beast.

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