Most Common Problems with Kawasaki Prairie 360

Kawasaki Prairie 360

As you know, Kawasaki prairie 360 is the most famous brand. It’s the compact version of 650, so people said this is a mini prairie. People use it for gaming and different many other purposes. Hence, this brand gets fame among people in no time. But as you know, a famous or a quality brand has some defaults. So, every superior or good brand has some faults. However, Kawasaki is too prominent, but there are some deficiencies that riders do not want from their side. Here are some common problems of this brand. 

Kawasaki Prairie 360

Non-appearance of V-Twin Engine

 V- Twin engine is much better than others due to their specifications. Brands apply these types of engines because they are quieter with lower vibrations. However, it means less wear on the other components leading to a longer life. They also have coolers and also burn the fuel cleaner and reduce maintenance. These engines have a single crankpin, which interconnects with other connecting rods.

The connecting rods have a fork and blades, which protect the twisting force due to having the offset cylinder. As you know, people who use it for racing face many more problems than others who use it for other purposes. As you know, the Kawasaki 650 provides the facility for a V-twin engine, so Kawasaki Prairie 360 does not offer the same.

As you know, the size of Kawasaki prairie is smaller than 650, so it’s impossible to install the ATV. Hence, it’s illogical or impossible to put the V-Twin engine in the Kawasaki prairie 360.

W4D engaging issues

Kawasaki prairie 360 uses 4WD ATV, which is much beneficial for racers. But the reason is the brand faces many issues in engaging them. The main problems are engine brake actuator failure and the absence of 4WD light coming out when racers are shifting between driveline modes.

Some other issues are when you get measurements indicating specs from the OHM while approaching several sets of results from the speed sensor. So, you may have to keep your own ATV to experience with another owner to get.


You replace the W4D is either replace the actuator controller. Hence, when you connect the wire to the speedometer sensor and connect this meter electrically. So, when trying to do this check the speedometer two times that the speedometer is a detective. It’s the best solution to this dilemma.

Front drive engaging issues

The four-wheelers sometime do not seem to be kicking in. There is no balance during riding. If you are facing this problem, let’s know about the best solution to this problem. 


  • Firstly examine there is no mud attached to the tires.
  • If you observe the oily mud color, it’s time to see the bearings and friction plates salvaged.
  • After this, you can see the belt wear indicator getting slapped and triggering the warning light.

Potential problems of detective fans

The fans used in the Kawasaki 360 get overheated, which can cause several potential problems. Detective fans mostly cause-effect of this problem. So, most fans do not work accurately or smoothly. Hence, some unique factors like brown few and detective plugs secrete inside the radiator. 

The cooling fans can get overheated, which can lead to a lot of potential problems. Most of the time, the reason for getting overheated is defective fans. However, the fans will work most of the time. Most of the time, the reason for getting overheated is detective fans. However, the fans will work most of the time.


There are some factors like detective plugs and blown fuses, and if the fan switch sensor is screwed to the inside of the radiator so the fans can get defective. 

Starter motor problem

Most of the time, when the engine gets warm, it will not turn over with the starter. In this condition, the pull start cannot work accurately.


  1. Firstly check your engine turn to stop and switch to ‘ON’ if you feel your motor does not work well.
  2. Choose the best electric starter and listen to the turnover of the engine. If you feel the fans turn slowly, then check your battery. There is a default in your battery, so there is a default in them.

Check the connection of the battery and the wires attached to them. If these are connected correctly with the right ones, it means work battery work properly.

Split and Sputter problem

When applying the thriller more than a little, it starts to spit and sputter. It seemed as to the engine almost dies. 


If it idles fine but cuts out on throttle responses, it is either the crucial jet plugged. The ignition is not working as should like it.

Engine misfiring problems

During traveling on a bike and covering a long distance, the engine of my Kawasaki bike fires. However, to avoid this problem, there are some solutions given.


  1. Check the range of fuel on your bike. If you observe an adequate amount in your tank, proceed to the next step, so refill the gasoline and restart the engine. 
  2. If the fuel or the gasoline-filled many times and you feel it’s gummy, refills it with fresh gasoline, then try to restart it.
  3. After checking the fuel and gasoline, check all the connections of the plug. Connect the wires of the plug tightly.
  4. Check the level of oil in the engine. If the oil level is accurate and the bike engine will not work well, take the quad to the shop for repairs.

Crabs problem

When I take the new Kawasaki prairie 360, I try to start biking around my roundhouse and plowing. 

Engine heating problems

Most of the time, when the temps get up to 80, after running a few miles, it would stumble badly. It feels like the engine is overheating, or assume a viper lock.


  1. Stop the bike and wait until the engine cools. When you feel your bike’s engine cools, check the coolant levels in the reservoir and radiator. If you observe the coolant level is low, refill them. If there is an issue of leakage, take this bike to the quad for repair.
  2. Use the plug installed that Kawasaki recommends. So, it’s crucial to apply only NGK DPR8EA-9 spark plug.


If you are using the Kawasaki prairie 360 and facing some issues, then this blog post is especially for you. You can take the best solutions to every single problem. Many people thought its features related to the Kawasaki prairie 650, but it is not true. Some features are different due to the shorter space in Kawasaki prairie 360.

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