Monoprice 110010 Headphone: Worth buying or not!  

Monoprice 10010

Everyone wants to listen to music with reasonable frequency, and it depends on your headphones for listening to your music. So, if you are a music addict and want to have headphones of high quality at a low price, nothing is best than the Monoprice 110010! It is one of the best headphones that an average person can afford! Due to their lightweight design and soft ear pads, these headphones are also very comfortable for long periods. It must be your top priority if you are looking for the best headphones! 


Monoprice 110010 Headphone

Furthermore, its trendy appearance is enough to attract the users’ attention as well! Being a personal user of this, I would recommend buying this headphone because it has good battery life, and it reduces all the noises of the background that irritate you! No doubt there are some other headphones with good frequency, but no one can beat the originality of monoprice!   

Let’s take a closer look at the specification of the monoprice 110010.  

You can buy the Monoprice 110010 from Ebay at 49.99$

Headphone Review: Monoprice 110010  

As we have discussed earlier, this model’s significance, now it’s time to know the structure! It is made of sturdy material with a thick cable that allows them to bear the abuse! Moreover, it is comfortable listening to music for a long time! This model’s most crucial aspect is its cost-effectiveness and high quality! It is one of the best models to give your ears a spark with its good beats! So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy this product! Surely, it will help to make your mood up! Before going anywhere, let’s take a slight glimpse at its advantages and disadvantages!   

Pros & Cons of Monoprice 110010:  


  • All the products of monoprice company are budget friendly  
  • Good quality  
  • The audio reproduction is excellent in the bass and mid-range  


  • Not the best noise canceling  
  • Ear cups are not suitable for everyone  
  • Annoying headband creaks  

Headphone sound quality: 

This model is one of the best with its sound quality! Because it has clear high, mid, and low notes! Furthermore, the plus point of this model is that it is lightweight with soft ear pads! And the most important thing that can appeal to you about this model is its long life (battery life)! Indeed, this earphone is not good at sound canceling, but it is best while studying or working on something important!  

How long do headphones last? (Battery life)  

People look for headphones that have a long life and good battery life! You might want to give the monoprice 110010 a try if you are one of them! It has a duration of 10 hours! You can listen and watch anything with a single charge! It will provide you comfort in multiple ways, meaning you can wear it for extended periods since it is not tight like others; further, it is weightless! Meaning it is the other way to amuse yourself!  

Build quality of headphones:  

As we know, monoprice is a company that came into being in 2002, and it would not be wrong if I said that this company had gained a lot of reputation in this duration! And the reason behind its reputation is the good build quality of its products! Like other products, this headphone also has good built quality! Meaning they are made of high-quality material that boosts the rate of this headphone! Moreover, their ear pads are soft and reliable for everyone. In short, if you want a good product for yourself, you must buy this model!   

Style and designs: 

Aside from good quality, this model has a perfect style and design that makes it appealing to visitors! It has a black body with a decent accent on the head and ear pads! Moreover, it has a glossy look that enhances its beauty! Furthermore, to give it a unique look, you can rubberize it!   

Pricing strategy:  

If you are seeking a budget-friendly pair of headphones, you are right! Monoprice Company gives you all the products at affordable costs! And when it comes to earphones, you don’t need to bother about them because, being a product of monoprice, it is also cost-effective! With its budget-friendly features, it gives you a lot of feasibility, including the ability to wear it for an extended period, and it will give a relaxment to your mind!   

Function and layouts of buttons: 

The Monoprice 110010 provides optimum control with plenty of features. Some of them are listed below!  

  • At the top, you have a button with that you can control the volume 
  • You can turn off the microphone. 
  • It has a quality of noise cancellation. 

All these functions and layouts enhance the significance of the monoprice 110010. 

Does this model support all devices? 

Having a stereo sound system that cannot be connected to every component of your home entertainment system can be difficult. 

So, I have tested this model with different devices to see if it’s compatible with all devices! The first device I used for this headset was Acer aspire nitro 7, and to my surprise, it went well. The bass and the sound were quite okay.  

So I moved a game a little bit and tried this on razer blade 15 2018 h2 to see if it supports the gaming system and in any way can enhance the gaming experience! And I have to say it appears to be above my expectation as I could hear each move of my enemy in COD MW4. So I can say it passed my test for the gaming system! 

And the last device on which I used this head stereo was the Lenovo IdeaPad 720s-15, a working station! It was quite nice, but in this system, it was making a little bit of distortion, but it was okay as no one listens to loud music at their workplace. 

So here’s my review on whether this head stereo suits all devices or not! 

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