MacBook 12in m7 [2022 Updated Review]

MacBook 12in m7

In terms of popularity, the Apple MacBook 12in m7 ranks high on the list of the most popular Apple devices. Even though it has been around for three generations, it remains remarkably stable. The 12-inch model is powered by an Intel core m7 processor running at 1.3GHz.

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In terms of size, it is 12 inches wide, which is just perfect, but when it comes to its color, it doesn’t stand out at all. It is lightweight, thin, and easy to carry anywhere! Moreover, if you want to buy this MacBook, you should know its essential features!

Specifications of MacBook 12in m7 

Here is a little glimpse of all the features of the MacBook 12in m7!

Battery life: 

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The life expectancy of a battery on a laptop computer is one of the most important factors. This is especially critical when using ultra-portable laptops! It doesn’t matter if you are a student, businessman, or gamer; if you need a device with perfect battery timing, you should opt for MacBook 12in m7!

No doubt, its battery life is not compatible with the battery life of core i5, but this 12-inch device lasts up to 10 hours, meaning you can use it for a long time without hassle!

Storage capacity: 

You can choose the color of your 12-inch MacBook to determine its storage capacity because its storage capacity varies with the colors! There are two models, one silver and one space gray, but both have 256GB hard drives. The second option offers a more incredible storage capacity than the first.

There is also an 8 GB RAM CPU included in the package. However, if you want to run it at its best, you’ll need at least a 16 GB 12-inch MacBook M7 and more RAM to run well.

MacBook 12in m7- Display: 

In terms of display quality, the MacBook Air has an incredible display. The aspect ratio is 16:10, with a 1440 x 900 pixels resolution. As a result, the text displayed by the application is of very high quality, which means it won’t appear funny in many other applications!

Retina Display technology in MacBook Air 12 claims to dazzle one pixel at a time. It probably doesn’t stand out from other laptops within its price range. On the highest point, it’s possible to see pixels. If you look closely enough, end screens are like those of the 27-inch iMac desktop computer.


When buying a laptop, tablet, or cell phone, screen quality matters a lot! Screen with good quality provides you with the best images or videos! Moreover, the screen of the MacBook is bright enough to see things without turning on any light, but it has a negative point that you cannot use it outdoors due to sunlight!

Dimension and Screen size of the MacBook!  

In the current era, everybody wishes to have an apple device because it has become a trend to have this device! So, if you want an Apple device that can meet all your requirements, you should focus on the MacBook 12in m7!

Because MacBook is a multi-purpose device, meaning you can use it for business purposes, games, photography, video editing, graphic designing, and for some other things! In order to get the best performance, make use of Retina Display! It will help you to perform your things better!

Processor-MacBook 12in m7: 

MacBook has one of the best processors on the market! Moreover, it has faster and larger memory and performs well than the previous device! This system is perfect for students! It has one more plus point, including a retina display, and the 12-inch screen has a resolution of 1366 x 768.

A new version of MacBook (MacBook 12in m7) has eight GB of 1866 MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM, and 4 MB has 3-level caches! No one can beat its level!


This MacBook has a reliable keyboard with bright keywords! Moreover, the plus point of its keyboard is that it has extra keys that are not used generally, but that word keys are perfect for editors, gamers, or writers! It is thin and more comfortable with its tiny touchpad! If you are considering buying a keyboard for your laptop, then you can go for the keyboard of a MacBook!

Price of MacBook 12in m7: 

As a piece of computer hardware, the MacBook Pro is one of the most remarkable I have ever seen. There is a significant improvement in the key design, as well as in the CPU and hard disk options.

A new MacBook Pro 12-inch laptop just went on sale for $1,299, making it one of the best 12-inch Macs we’ve seen. I know Apple products are expensive enough, and only some people can afford them, but all the products are good in their own way! Aside from being an updated gaming console with a 13-inch display, the updated 13-inch is also a case study of what a modern computer should look like.

Where can you find this device?  

As we know, this device is designed for multi-purposes and is one of the most demanding systems of the modern era! So, if you want this MacBook, you can get it on the Daraz, Amazon, and from the official website of Apple company!

Is it worth buying? 

Apple is undoubtedly the most expensive brand of products globally, meaning not everyone can afford to purchase their products! But if you can afford these products, you must buy them because they are worth buying! And if we talk about the new version of the MacBook (MacBook 12in m7), it is multi-purpose and worth buying!

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