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kudremukh trek


When to Go on the Kudremukh Trek: From June to February is the best time to go on the trek. The Kalasa region, on the other hand, enjoys pleasant weather all year long.

During the monsoon and winter, you can see a lot of small streams, dark shola forest, bamboo trees that are tall enough to touch the sky, rolling green hills, and other things.

The trek has sections where you have to trek in the open air.

How to Get to the Kudremukh Trek The village of Mullodi, about 15 kilometers from Kalasa, is where the Kudremukh trek begins. It is difficult to get directly to Mullodi.

To begin, you must reach the Kudremukh Entrance, which is approximately 10 kilometers from Kalasa. Hire a jeep to take you to Mullodi village, where the forest office is, from the entrance point. You must obtain permission here before beginning your trek.

Kalasa can be reached by car or public transportation, and the Kudremukh Entrance point can be reached from there. The specifics are provided below.

How can I drive my own car from Bangalore to Kudremukh?

You can use this link to get help setting up Google Maps navigation if you intend to drive to Kalasa from Bangalore. Check out the details below for a more in-depth explanation.

From Bangalore, there are a number of options for getting to Kalasa. Hasan is the best way to get there.

Continue on the Chikkamagaluru road all the way to Kottigehara. Make a right turn toward Kalasa at the Kottigehara Junction. Keep traveling the same road until you reach the police station in Kalasa. To reach the Kudremukh Entrance point, turn left at the junction with the police station in the direction of Balagal.

The road leading to the forest office from the entrance is not very good. Therefore, park your car close to one of the shops at the entrance and board the jeep there. Numerous jeeps will be parked at the entrance. If you have already booked, you can ask them to take you to the forest office or any homestay. Each person will set you back approximately Rs 150.

Tip: On the previous day, contact one of the owners of the homestays to arrange for a jeep. It will cost less than making a last-minute booking. They charge about Rs 600 for pick-up, drop-off, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Difficulty Level

The Kudremukh Trek’s Difficult Sections The Kudremukh Trek is Moderately Difficult. One way, you need to travel 9 km.

There are no particularly difficult sections, but there are a few things to remember while trekking.

The forest section of the trail can be slippery. Wear sturdy trekking shoes and bring a trekking pole.

The forest’s small streams are tricky to cross. The water’s moss-covered rocks can be slippery.

3 km of steep ascent are best to reach the final stretch on the trail from the second Ontimara. If you want to take in the view, you should be physically capable of trekking those sections.

Is the Kudremukh Trek permitted with permission?

Because it is part of the Kudremukh national park in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, the Kudremukh trek requires permission. Each person must pay Rs 600 for entry. In a day, only the first fifty people will be granted permission.

You are required to bring a guide with you. But you don’t have to make one in advance; the forest department will just ask. If you’re staying in a homestay, you can get permission from the owner to help you. Or else you need to get permission from the forest office early in the morning.

After the Kudremukh Trek, there are many other treks and waterfalls in the same area. The following is a list of places and treks you should visit after Kudremukh:

Towards the Horanadu Temple in Bangalore:

It is well-known for the temple in a Chikkamagaluru district area on the banks of the Bhadra River. From the Kudremukh Entrance, this is 16 km away.

Trek to Ballarayanadurga Fort:

Part of the Bandaje trek is this fort. This is possible from Durgadahalli. When compared to the Ujire route, this one is simpler. The Kudremukh Entrance is 36 kilometers away.

Trek Aane Gudda:

Haluvalli is where this trek begins. To reach the base, you must deviate from Kalasa. From the Kudremukh Entrance, this is 15 km away.

Hill Meruti:

This is Karnataka’s seventh-highest peak. Basarikatte is where the trek starts. The Horanadu temple is very close to this location. Kudremukh Entrance is 30 kilometers from Basarikatte.

To the Lakya Dam Lake in Mangalore:

This dam has it’s exapanding along lakya Within the Kudremukh national park. 13 kilometers separate the entrance to Kudremukh.

Falls in Kadambi:

One of the main draws for tourists who want to see the western ghats’ lush vegetation is this fall. This is 22 kilometers from the Kudremukh Entrance and close to the highway. Falls of Hanuman Gundi: This fall is 22 kilometers from the Kudremukh Entrance in the Kudremukh National Park.

Peak Kurinjal:

Another short hike, this one is 20 kilometers from the Kudremukh Entrance. In Kudremukh National Park, it is a peak that isn’t as well-known. Therefore, there will be fewer people on the trail.

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