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Jose Trinidad Marin with the nickname Trino Marin was born in Mexico on 15 February 1964! He is from a Christian family and is the ex-husband of Jenni Rivera who was the shiny star of the Hollywood industry! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the complete biography of Trino Marin!  

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Profile Summary:

Name:  Jose Trinidad Marin
Nickname:  Trino Marin
Date of birth 15 February 1964
Birth of Place:  Mexico
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Nationality:  American/ Mexican
Religion:  Christianity
Occupation:  Retired administrator manager at American-Mexico Restaurant
Spouse:  Jenni Rivera (1984-1992)
Kids:  Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos, Michael Marin


Anatomy of Jose Trinidad:

As of right now, Jose Trinidad is 58 years old. In terms of height, he stands at around 5 feet 10 inches. Due to his status as the ex-spouse of a celebrity, Trinidad must maintain a certain level of physical appearance in order to uphold his reputation. According to resources, his weight is 67 kg.

JT Marin relationship:

When Jenni Rivera was 15 years old, Trino fell in love with her. The engagement occurred when Jose Marin Trinidad was 20 years old, and the couple tied the knot after a few months in 1984.

She gave birth to her first child at the age of 17 when she was in high school! Jose has 3 children! His marriage ended in 1992 due to some serious issues! Trino Martin harassed Jenni, his sister-in-law, and his elder daughter not only mentally but also sexually! They did not disclose their personal matters publicly, that’s why there is limited information about them on the internet!

Professional Career:

In the beginning, when Jose and Jenni started going out with each other, he was unemployed. The way Marin supported his relationship with Rivera was by working odd jobs to make ends meet after they broke up. He began earning an adequate income at the age of 22. After that, he starts working as an administrative manager at an American-Mexico café.

Moreover, he asked her wife to proceed with her study, but she wants to give proper time to their kids and husband! Later on, this little thing turned into a big conflict!

Family of Trino Martin:

As we know, Jose and Jenni started their married life as teenagers in 1984! She conceived her first child in 1985 and it was a baby girl, and they named her Chiquis Rivera! After the birth of her daughter, she completed her studies! A few years after her first baby’s birth, the couple announced the arrival of their second child (Jacquelline) in 1989!

Trino Marin: The Prisoner Of Fame. Is Marin still in jail?

In 1991, she announced her third pregnancy and this child was a baby boy named him Michael Marin! After their divorce, it was a big case who will take custody of the children! Later on, the court took a decision in favor of Jenni Rivera, and she took custody of the kids!

Each of their children has achieved success in a different field. The firstborn of Marin’s family, Chiquis, followed in her mom’s footsteps. A big part of her income comes from her singing career. It is also worth mentioning that both of the other children of Trino started their professional careers as English actors in American and Mexican films.

How much is the net worth of Jose Trinidad?

In light of our resources, it appears that Jose Marin has between 600,000 and 800,000 dollars in his possession. Due to some rumors, Trino suddenly lost his job as a manager at his previous firm. It was rumored that he thought of approaching his colleagues for sexual relationships. A thorough investigation revealed that it was never a rumor. Additionally, Jose assaulted a colleague.

A family dispute:

According to the sources, all the reputation of Jose is just because of his spouse (Jenni Rivera) because she was the bright star of the industry! Jenni was a famous singer, songwriter, and actress! Jenni has a younger sister Rosie Rivera. After their marriage to Jenni, Jose sexually harassed his sister-in-law (Jenni’s younger sister)!

In 1997, Rosie confessed that Jose harassed her not only mentally but physically! Moreover, He not only harassed his wife’s younger sister but also rapped her younger daughter Chiquis Rivera! After all medical reports, it has been confirmed that Jose harassed both of them! As a result, the court sentenced Jose Marin to 9 years in jail!

After a proven assault and rape case, Marin was sentenced to 31 years in jail in April 2006. As well as mistreating Jenni, he was also charged with domestic violence. In 1992, she divorced Trino.

Jennie Rivera’s Death:

As we know, Jennie was a singer, so she was going to Mexico to perform at musical events and traveling in Learjet 25! But her plane crashed on 9 December 2012 due to an engine problem! Along with 6 passengers, Rivera also died in this incident! On 31 December 2012, her final recites were completed and she was buried at the All Souls Chapel & Cemetery.

Trino’s relation with his daughters:

After a hectic time of conflict, Jose’s daughters have a good relationship with his father! His elder daughter Chiquis is a blogger, so she shared all the things and conversations with her father on her youtube! Her younger sister Jacqueline also met her father in 2017 and shared some posts about meeting with her father on social media!

As chiquis is a blogger and runs a YouTube channel, so in this blog, she told the audience that her father has a good relationship with her!

Jose Trinidad Marin’s whereabouts?

According to the sources that I have Jose was getting out of jail! But in an interview, his brother said that he has no idea about his release from jail and he also said to the media that Trino is in good health in jail!

After spreading rumors of Jose’s release, people get furious which shows they don’t want him out! But his younger daughter Jacqueline said if her father wants to become a part of her community, they have no issue! She is running a sexual harassment center and savior!

In a nutshell:

Here is the complete biography of Jose Trinidad Marin! I hope you will like this article because it has authentic information about the life of Trino Martin!

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