Jonathan Galindo, the ‘Goofy Man’ Who Terrorizes Children on the Web


Jonathan Galindo, also known as a cursed goofy man, is a psychopath who wears a dog mask, scares youngsters on social media, and takes their life. He is an endorser and reviver of the Blue Whale challenge. The Goofy Man act started on the Spanish-speaking internet and attracted English-speaking users.

What exactly did Goofy Man Do?

The whole goofy man thing started when the real Jonathan Galindo reached a kid on Tiktok with the username @jonathangalindo54 and asked him to play with him. Jonathan contacts random kids through social media platforms, asks them to play with him, gives them life-threatening tasks, and forces their children to commit suicide.

Goofy Man

If his targeted kids refuse to play games with him, then Jonathan, as a hacker, hacked their IP addresses and kidnapped them. Next, he paints his victims like his face with the help of makeup, rapes them, and then kills them brutally. Moreover, the goofy man forced the Blue Whale challenge onto youngsters.

After Tiktok, the goofy man widened his approaches and started increasing the no. of victims on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Discord, Roblox, and Twitter. When the news about the evil deeds of the goofy man spread on the internet, many clone accounts on different social media accounts started appearing, and the no. of kidnaps, rapes, and murders rose.

Blue Whale Challenge:

It was an online game challenge that gave the young players weird and self-harming 50 tasks for 50 days and led them to suicide.

Blue Whale Challenge

In November 2016, 21-year-old Philipp Budeikin was arrested in charge of the Blue Whale challenge case. The 50 challenges are:

1. Write “f57” on the hand with a razor and send the photo to the curator. 

2. Wake up at 4.20 am4.20 am and watch horror videos the administrator sends.

3. Make cuts on the arms along the veins side with a blade but not too deep, and send the photo to the Blue Whale. 

4. Draw a whale on paper and send a pic. 

5. If you are ready to become a whale, write “YES” on your leg with a sharp object. If not, cut yourself many times. 

6. Task with a cipher. 

7. Carve “f40” on your hand and send a pic. 

8. Type “#i_am_whale” on your VKontakte app as a status. 

9. Overcome one fear. 

10. Wake up at 4:20 am4:20 am and go to a roof. 

11. Draw a whale on your hand with a razor and send a pic to Blue Whale. 

12. Watch psychedelic and horror videos for a whole day. 

13. Listen to the music they send. 

14. Cut your lip. 

15. Prick the needle in your hands multiple times. 

16. Do terrible things and fall ill.

17. Go to the highest point on your roof for some time. 

18. Go to the nearest bridge and stand at the edge point. 

19. Climb on a crane or at least give it a try. 

21. Talk “with a whale” on Skype. 

22. Sit on the edge of the rooftop with your legs hanging. 

23. Do another task with a cipher. 

24. Secret task. 

25. Meet whale. 

26. They tell you the date of your death, and you have to accept it. 

27. Wake up at 4:20 am4:20 am and go to any nearest rail. 

28. Don’t talk to anyone for one whole day. 

29. Make a vow that “you’re a whale.”

30-49. Wake up at 4:20 am4:20 am, watch horror videos, listen to music they send, make one cut body, and talk to a whale. Repeat this until the 50th day.

50. Lastly, commit suicide by jumping off the high building.

How He Got The Idea Of Mask:

There could be many factors upon which the psychopath Jonathan chose to use the scary mask; however, in this article, we’ll discuss that based on the confirmed facts. Some people claimed they’d met Galindo, whose face was deformed due to chemical accidents.

Mask Maker Samuel:

The cosplayer and mask maker Samuel Canini (also known as Dusky Sam) made the image in 2013 that goofy man started using. The goofy man made many people his victims, after which the mask maker told on Twitter that the mask images were his inventions and he was not involved in terrorizing and harming people and condemned Jonathan’s violent acts.

Momo Challenge:

Japanese sculptor Keisuke made the horror image of Momo, and later on, it was misused by the social psychopaths. It is a half-woman, half-bird sculpture with black hair and a distorted face. Once a Youtuber (AL3XEITOR) with a Momo sculpture appeared on YouTube at night and said he was trying to contact this being. 

After this, different WhatsApp no. contact with random people and give dangerous challenges, which upon completing, get the chance to meet Momo. The Momo targeted children and adolescents, which led them to suicide. Later on, the Momo challenge was also seen on Instagram.

Jonathan Galindo and Disneyland:

Urban legends claimed that once Jonathan applied for Disneyland and got rejected because he had some major mental issues like pedophiles, which could be why he targeted children, raped them, and killed them. This aspect of his life can be one of the reasons for choosing that specific mask.

Actions against Goofy Man:

The Goofy man killed many innocent children and destroyed their families, which caused a disturbance in society. As a result, many people came forward and took measures against the psychopath and serial killer.

The YouTubers and influencers on social media and the Civil Police of Santa Catarina advised parents to check their children’s mental health, web surfing, and strangers’ interaction with them.


There is not only good in the world, but evil also co-exists. We should teach our children the difference between good and evil and how to deal with it. Train your kids not to trust strangers, don’t take food from them, don’t let them touch you unnecessarily, and never go with them anywhere.

Besides, physical and online grooming for youngsters is also necessary in this tech world. 

  1. The foremost step is to avoid strangers and interact only with your family, friends, or relatives.
  2. Even if you add strangers or play with them, don’t trust them in any possible way or share your personal information. 
  3. Never consider random stranger people on social media your friend or lover because they are mostly fake and even can hurt you emotionally, psychologically, or physically.

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