Interesting & Funny Pug Puns that Brighten your Mood 


If you feel bored of reading out many novels and magazines, so read these crazy pug puns that brighten your mood. Dogs create fun around us. On the other hand, the pug is a special and unique breed. We know they are the loveliest and most innocent animals. The pugs spend a royal life, and the shape of their cute face attracts attention. If you want to know how pugs enjoy life and create fun, then read this blog post and change your lazy day into a funny and interesting one. 

  • What word do you choose for a magician dog?

   You can call him a labracadabrador.

  • What is the dream of a pug?

A pug wants to be a great musician.

  • Why did pugs dislike rain?

Because they don,t want to step in a poodle.

  • What do you want to say about a dog than stay a day in the sunshine?

You can call a cute word a hot dog.

  • What do you call a dog that knows about time?

You can call him a watchdog.

  • Which word do pugs use for the garden?

Lettuce Eat!

  • Where do pugs go after losing their tail?

They go to the re-tailer store.

  • How can you stop a dog from barking in your front yard?

Put him in your backyard.

  • What word can you choose for a cold pug?

You call him A pupsicle!

  • What’s a dog’s favorite instrument?

The Trom-bone is the favorite instrument of a dog.

  • Why does a pug not be a good dancer? 

Because a pug has two left legs.

  • What’s the best comedian of ever pug?

Growlcho Marx is the favorite comedian of every pug.

  • What do you call a dog that chills every time?

You call him a chili dog.

  • Why did the pug likes to cross the road?

  To get to the Barking more!

  • What word do you choose for a dog that can play American football?

A pugskin is the best word for them.

  • How can you call a dog that is in a submarine?

You can call him A sub woofer.

  • What word do you choose for a pug who loves cheese pizza?

A cheezy dog.

  • Why is the fart smell of pug too bad?

For the sake of the people who are hearing impaired!

  • Why don’t dogs write with dull pens?

Because they know there’s no point!

  • How can you call a farting pug?

You can call him A stink pug.

  • What happens when a pug visits a circus?

A pug tries to steal the show.

  • Why did a pug hate playing football?

Because they are good boxers.

  • Who is the best pug detective?

Sherlock Bones is the best pug detective.

  • What type of pug does Dracula want to have?

A bloodhound pug Dracula wants to have.

  • What did a pug like in the album?

They want to watch Bark Side of the Moon.

  • Who is the favorite artist of a pug?

Andy Warhowl is the favorite artist of a pug.

  • What type of food does a pug want on a picnic?


  • Why do pugs wear glasses?

To keep an eye on everything.

  • Who is the favorite dentist of a pug?

The canine is the most famous and favorite dentist of a pug.

  • What do pugs listen to after a bath?

They want to listen to the “Shake It Off” song by Taylor Swift.

  • Why do the dogs bark at night?

They try to communicate with the moon.

  • Why do people relate the pug to a tree?

Because they both enjoy good bark in the park.

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