How To Store Your Treated Buds In Mylar Bags?

mylar bags

If buds or dried herbs and flowers have been an important part of your life, then ensuring you have enough stocks to last you a long time may be on your mind. With Mylar bags, you can choose to store your treated buds for the long term.

Find a Low-Light Area

The first thing to do is to find a low-light area in your home. It is well-known that light leads to the degradation of buds very easily and keeping them away from light sources is a necessity. Then you get to prepare your buds for storage.

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Trim the Buds

Before you get your 3.5 gram bags ready, make sure the ends of the buds are trimmed nicely. The ends do not have many flavors and when it comes to long-term storage, getting rid of them is a good idea.

Treat with Terpenes

The next thing to do is to spray your favorite terpenes on the dried herbs and flowers. For this, spread the buds evenly on a wide bowl or plate. Spritz the terpenes nicely from a distance of 10-15 cm. After this, put the entire content of dried herbs and flowers in the Mylar bags you get for the purpose. Do not put too much in a single bag but rather use multiple bags.

Zip It Up

Now the 3.5 gram bags have to be zipped up. When you buy from a reputed manufacturer, you can get bags designed just for buds. They are small in size and are available in attractive designs. And they can be zipped up easily.

Label Properly

The last thing is to label your buds properly. Put the name and date when you Mylar-ed each of the bags. This will help you find what you are looking for in no time, even after months have passed.

Now that you know the tricks of successfully Mylar-ing your buds, it is time to put them to test. The long-term solution works for growers and users both because it helps them retain the freshness and aromas of the original buds. With Mylar bags, store them away from direct sunlight and your dried herbs and flowers will retain their potency and scent.


What are mylar bags?

Mylar bags are small, resealable bags made of a type of plastic film called Mylar. They are commonly used for packaging and storing cannabis and its derivatives. They are airtight, smell-proof, and light-proof, which helps to preserve the freshness and potency of the cannabis.

Mylar bags are also used for branding and marketing purpose; as they can be printed with logos or other designs. They come in various sizes and can be used to package small amounts of cannabis flower or larger quantities of edibles or concentrates.

How do mylar bags work?

Mylar bags work by creating an airtight and light-proof seal around the cannabis, which helps to preserve the freshness and potency of the product. The mylar material used in these bags is a type of plastic film that is resistant to moisture and light.

The bags can be resealed and help to keep out any external odors; so it’s smell proof. They are also used for branding and marketing purpose as they can be printed with logos or other designs. They come in various sizes and can be used to package small amounts of cannabis flower or larger quantities of edibles or concentrates.

Is Mylar better than plastic?

Are Mylar bags really better than plastic? In recent years, more and more companies have been switching to Mylar bags for their products. But what makes Mylar a better alternative to plastic? Here, we look at the benefits of using Mylar over plastic and why it is becoming the preferred choice for many businesses.

Mylar is made from polyester film, which is very lightweight and much thinner than most plastics. This makes it easier to transport and handle, reducing packaging costs in the long run. It also has a longer shelf-life than plastic as it does not degrade due to environmental conditions. Furthermore, Mylar is resistant to moisture and water vapor, making it perfect for storing food items.

In addition to being more durable than plastics, Mylar also offers better insulation properties with low thermal conductivity. This means that contents inside a Mylar bag remain fresh even in warmer climates. With its brilliant barrier properties, Mylar can protect delicate items or food items from outside contaminations such as dust particles or other allergens.

Overall, while both plastics and Mylar have their advantages and drawbacks when used for packaging materials, when considering cost-effectiveness plus long-term performance, then it’s clear that in most cases, Mylar would be the superior choice for many businesses.

Is Mylar flammable?

While Mylar itself is not flammable, it is possible to ignite layers of the material if exposed to certain temperatures. Mylar contains a binding agent, which can cause it to burn when exposed to extreme heat. When burning, Mylar will produce toxic gases and should be ventilated properly before handling. All in all, while Mylar bags are considered relatively safe for food storage, caution should still be taken when using near open flames or other high-temperature sources.

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