How To Start, Organise, and Finish Your PhD Dissertation

Finish Your PhD Dissertation

PhD is the fruit of long years of handwork, sacrifice, and commitment. We know that to perfectly write, organise, and finish your PhD dissertation, you need to make a lot of effort and follow specific writing guidelines.

In this article, we will discuss some tips and strategies that will help you to start, organise, and finish your PhD dissertation.

How to Start your PhD Dissertation?

The following tips will help you to start your doctoral dissertation:

1.     Do some reading

Before start writing your PhD dissertation, you should spend your time on reading. Read different articles, research papers, or previously written dissertations to gain an insight view of your research. Reading these types of sources will help you to brainstorm your mind and develop extensive knowledge about different topics in your subject. Hence, with the help of reading, you can easily select the best research topic for your doctoral dissertation research.

2.     Select the best topic for your PhD dissertation

The first step to initiating your doctoral dissertation is selecting the best research topic for your research. It would be best to select your research topic from your area of interest. It is because selecting an interesting topic will help you to show your interest in writing and the research process.

Additionally, the second thing you must keep in your mind while selecting your research topic is not to select a narrow topic. You are going to write a doctoral dissertation, which is one of the most difficult and lengthiest writing tasks of the academic career. Because of this, if you select a narrow topic, you will find it difficult to collect enough data and information about the topic. Hence, due to this, you will not be able to complete your dissertation.

3.     Identify the research problem

Furthermore, when you select the best topic, your next step is identifying the research problem. It is because the purpose of any kind of research is to provide an ultimate solution to a research problem that can be applicable on a large scale. Finding a research problem is very important because it helps in selecting an accurate research methodology. With the help of a research problem, you can also understand what type of data you need to require to give an answer to that problem.

4.     Select an accurate research methodology

Once you know the research problem of your research, you should move to the next step of your dissertation writing. An expertly written dissertation demands a perfect and accurate research methodology. For this, your next step is to select the best research methodology for your PhD dissertation. The following questions will help you in selecting the best research methodology:

  • What is your research topic?
  • What is the research problem of your dissertation?
  • What type of data is most reliable to complete this research?
  • Is there any previous research conducted on this topic?
  • If any researcher has already completed research on this topic, then what was its research methodology?

After getting answers to these questions, you can select the best research methodology.

5.     Collect data for your PhD dissertation

After selecting the research methodology, you need to conduct research through various sources and collect data about the topic. Your selected research methodology defines the sources you can use for data collection. Ensure that you must collect the data relevant to your research problem to efficiently provide your solution to that problem. The following sources are the main and common sources that researchers use for the research process:

  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Academic books
  • Dissertations
  • Scholarly publications
  • Research papers
  • Wikipedia
  • Magazines

You need gear to start and successfully finish your data collection. Sometimes it is not possible without any external assistance. It would help if you had educational support and guidance, which your supervisor might not be willing to offer. Many trustworthy dissertation writing services, such as Affordable Dissertation UK, are helping students in the data collection.

How to Organise your PhD dissertation?

Apart from this, it is now time to perfectly organise your PhD dissertation. Organising a doctoral dissertation is not too difficult. You just need to remember some guidelines. To perfectly organise your doctoral dissertation, follow the specific outline:

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Research Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion

1.     Title page

The title page must be the first page of your PhD dissertation. Onto this page, you should include the title of your doctoral dissertation. Under your research title, you must include your full name, professor name, institution name, and submission date.

2.     Abstract

An abstract is used to provide a summary of your entire research project. Your instructor can quickly comprehend what you will provide in your research by reading the abstract section. It helps you understand your included essential points and thoughts. It is not incorrect to state that the abstract of a PhD dissertation presents the fundamental research. To write an excellent abstract, make certain that it includes the following points:

  • The research question for your dissertation.
  • Your dissertation’s primary objective.
  • The research methodology you’ve chosen.
  • The results of your research.
  • The conclusion of your research.

3.     Introduction

After writing your abstract section, you need to include an introduction paragraph. An introduction paragraph help to present the basic intro to your research and the research problem. In this section, you can also introduce your research methodology. You must present your thesis statement at the end of your introduction paragraph.

4.     Literature review

During writing a literature review, you must include the background theory of your research topic. To better present your PhD dissertation and create a long-lasting impact on your instructor, you must learn and interpret the previous researches on this topic in your literature review.

5.     Research Methodology

In this section, you should present your research methodology. You can also include some points or supporting shreds of evidence to support your research methodology. Demonstrate why you should select this research methodology and how it will help you find the best solution to the research problem. Doing this will enhance the value of your PhD dissertation.

6.     Results

This section is very important in PhD dissertation writing because it provides the best practical solution to that problem. You must highlight at least one of the most accurate and practical solutions to better present your results.

7.     Discussion

After including your results section, you must now discuss your findings. As a result, you must present an analysis of your study findings in this area. This will help to demonstrate how these findings will aid in addressing the problem question of your PhD dissertation.

7.     Conclusion

In this section, you must include the summary of your whole PhD dissertation. For this, you should conclude and present the main concepts and arguments with your research methodology, as well as you must also present your findings. It would be best to include only 2 to 3 research findings with at least one recommendation in your conclusion paragraph.

8.     References

At the end of your PhD dissertation writing, you must include the references list. Referencing is a very important section of any academic research because it will help to prevent your research from plagiarism. You should use a specific referencing style set by your institute to add references.

How to Finish your PhD dissertation as your best shot?

Let’s discuss some successful tips to finish your dissertation:

1.     Proofread your dissertation

After writing your dissertation, you should proofread it. Proofreading will help you to find spelling and grammar mistakes in your writing. If you submit your PhD dissertation without proofreading and it contains any kind of mistakes, you will get low grades. Hence, you must not submit your dissertation until you ensure it does not contain even a single mistake. We understand that it is hard to concentrate on writing an error-free dissertation when you have spent a nerve-wracking period in labs. You can hire an external editor to help you give your best shot. For your convenience, please check out affordable dissertation UK services.

2.     Check for plagiarism

It would be best if you ran your dissertation through different online plagiarism checker tools before submitting it to make sure it is plagiarism-free. This step is very important because if you submit a dissertation which contains plagiarised content, then it can be considered an academic offence. To avoid this problem, check and remove the plagiarism percentage in your dissertation if it is more than 5%.

What Should you Do if you cannot Start, Organise, and Finish your PhD dissertation?

Writing a PhD dissertation is not like a walk in the park. You have to do a lot of things to perfectly write your dissertation. However, if you are unable to write your dissertation, you should buy a dissertation online from a trustworthy dissertation writing service. One of the best writing services is Dissertation Writers UK. Their writers are experts in the writing profession. They have assisted millions of students in writing their dissertations. Because of this, they can provide you with a perfect dissertation that fulfils all your university requirements.


Dissertation writing is a crucial writing task that helps to get a degree with distinction. To excellently start, organise, and finish your PhD dissertation, you must follow the above-discussed writing guidelines and tips.

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