How to Spy on Facebook Messenger Secretly

How to Spy on Facebook Messenger for Android & iPhone

Looking for a way to keep your loved ones and people close to you safe and secure digitally well you are at the right place. Spy apps or monitoring software features like Facebook messenger can do wonders for you. You can monitor your employee, kids, or any third party by following the rules and policies and keeping an eye on the boundaries.

A typical Facebook spy app reports about all the newsfeed activities messenger and much more. You can snoop on an iPhone or even an android or Windows gadget secretly to see the Facebook account activities and other details.

How to Spy on Facebook Messenger Remotely

The market has been evolved so much and now there a lot of competent spy apps that offer the best services with reasonable bundle deals. So choosing a spy app that is legitimate enough to keep an eye on the target for you can be a hectic task. Especially if you want all the advanced features with an economical bundle.

There is a long list of apps that offer Facebook messenger monitoring features for android and iPhones and other operating systems. Some of the best apps are discussed below.


On top of the list of the best Facebook messenger spy app is the TheOneSpy. They have the best bundle deals that offer all the basic and advanced features including Facebook monitoring. Three different types of bundles are offered for android, mac and windows in the form of monthly, seasonal, and yearly bundle. Unlike many other apps that demand extra money for an advanced feature, the TheOneSpy denies any type of discrimination.

They freely offer all the advanced and basic bundles in every type of bundle. So the user that chooses the monthly bundle can even avail of all the features just like a yearly or season bundle user. Facebook messenger audio and video call records, media shared through the app, text message records, group chats, and everything is saved on the online portal of the app. Users can access the web portal by the given login information.No need to worry about the security of the stored data.

 As TheOneSpy offers the best services and the data is fully secure on the portal. Only relevant people can access the portal. The cloud-based services make it one of the best choices. As there is no issue of storage whatsoever. So all the Facebook messenger data can store and access at any given time. Another major benefit of choosing this app is that the app comes with stealth mode. So it works silently in the background without disturbing the target routine work.  


OgyMogy is another tool that can be used to keep a check on the target Facebook messenger activities. Users can select the iOS or android version as the app covers each. Get the app if you want an economical yet friendly user interface.

As the app offers excellent monitoring services for Facebook messenger and many other social media and instant messenger chat apps. Get the app installed on the target device when you have physical access to it. The spy app can be used for parental control and employee monitoring for all types of users. Employers who want to monitor the Facebook activities of employees must choose a company-owned device for monitoring. As it is neither morally right nor legal to use the app on a personal gadget even if it is only for work-related monitoring.


FlexiSpy is one of the best Facebook monitoring apps. They offer versions that support both iOS and android as well Mac and Windows devices. You can monitor all the incoming and outgoing Facebook messages, calls details and content. One can even monitor the sharing of multimedia through the target device as well. The app saves the Facebook messenger tool for the user to save all the activities in the original form with the date and time.

Thus simply put users can check their newsfeed, keystroke service history, and nature of engagement with content and other people. It is very popular among parents as its use as parental control is highly admired by the parental community. One can even use the technology to manage the Facebook screen timings o the kids. You can even block the Facebook app by using this tool. The only drawback of using this tool is that there is no free version available. Read more about FlexiSpy software click here.


mSpy is one of the best Facebook spying apps for android & iPhone types users. You can use mSpy such as parental control and employee monitoring app. In the extraordinary features they are giving discounts on bundles and deals as well. While staying completely invisible the app works in the hidden mode and notifies the user about all the target device activities. Some other features include text and call monitoring, keystroke logging, GPS location tracker, Block apps and more.

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