How to Play Fall Guys Cross-Platform

Fall Guys Cross-Platform

You and your buddies want to play Fall Guys together, but each uses a different platform. The good news is you can still enjoy it together.  Let’s explore how.

All types of gaming benefit greatly from cross-platform play features. This technology makes it easier to play on various devices you might not even own. Also, you can connect with people, whether you play on a PC or a console.

Fall Guys General Details

Mediatonic created the free-to-play platform battle royale game called Fall Guys. Up to 60 players can participate in the game, which pits them against one another in a variety of minigames like tag or obstacle courses. The participants control jellybean-like critters. As the rounds go on, players are disqualified until ultimately the last person standing is declared the winner.

Critics gave Fall Guys high marks for its erratic gameplay and appealing presentation. More than 10 million copies of the game were sold, and after it became free to play, more than 50 million people downloaded it. Mediatonic has published multiple upgrades for the game since its debut. The current, eighth season, which has a space theme, debuted on September 15.

Facts that Make this Game so Special

Fall Guys is a popular battle royale game because it’s a plethora of insane fun where you can careen recklessly across the battlefield, accidentally screw someone else over, and win by chance.

The whole criteria of the game are quite basic. Simple running from beginning to end, surviving challenges, and occasionally teamwork are all you need to conquer this game. It was being played by many streams, which helped the game get a lot of traction (it was the most popular game on Twitch during the beta and is still there now). There aren’t many games like this, especially not in recent years.

The fact that the game was one of the PS+ free games caused it to practically take off. So, yes, this game has fantastic content, good marketing, and high exposure. However, the most crucial factor is that players have overwhelmingly positive opinions of the game, recommending it to all of their friends.

The Combat System of Fall Guys

Battle royale-style competitions feature up to 60 players. Players navigate a three-dimensional playing surface as jellybean-like characters, using extra moves like jumping, grabbing/climbing, or diving to aid gameplay.

Your objective in Fall Guys is to survive as long as possible through a series of randomly generated minigames. You might have to outlast your other players on a rolling-log contraption, outperform your rivals by overcoming challenging barriers to reach the finish line, or collaborate with other beans to snag tails.

The Objective of the Game

The objective is to successfully complete each of the randomly chosen mini-games with randomly chosen variations in order to advance to the next round. While other mini-games incorporate elements of teamwork, some involve rushing towards a finish line at the end of the map, surviving, and playing tag with other players. Obstacles pop up all across the map for each mini-game to increase complexity. Players are eliminated if they move too slowly, get sucked by pink slime, or don’t meet the requirements for a mini-game.

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Which Platforms Allow for Cross-Play with Fall Guys?

Every version of Fall Guys is cross-compatible, in case you’re wondering what systems are supported. As a result, gamers using PCs, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S can all play together. Everyone who owns Fall Guys can play with you if you have at least one of these platforms.

Cross-Play Setup for Fall Guys

As soon as you install Fall Guys, cross-play is automatically activated provided your Epic Games account is connected. so your gaming experience will be centered on it by default.  When you start Fall Guys for the first time, a request to link your Fall Guys account to the Epic Games shop will appear. Despite its benefit in streamlining online matchmaking across multiple platforms, this feature is only truly available after Epic acquired Fall Guy’s developer Mediatonic.

If you don’t mind creating or syncing an Epic Games Account, you can start playing right away and begin matching up with other players on all platforms that are supported. Each player in your game will be given a symbol to indicate the platform they are playing on, such as a monitor and mouse for a PC or an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

Best way to play Fall Guys with friends on other consoles

Even while knowing how to enable and disable cross-play is really helpful, what if you want to play with a specific set of pals from a different platform?

Adding a buddy specifically from another platform:

The steps to add a friend specifically from another platform are as follows:

  • Choose the Friends icon in the bottom-right corner (this appears as three Fall Guy faces with a plus symbol to their right regardless of platform).
  • You will then see a menu appear with a search bar at the top that lists all of your current friends on your platform.
  • Enter your friend’s platform-neutral Epic Games account username (presumably whichever login they use to access Fall Guys on their console or PC) into the search bar and select Add Friend to find them on another platform.
  • You can then utilize the same Friends menu at any time to highlight a specific friend’s account and select Invite to ask them to join your lobby so you can play Fall Guys together.

You might be interested in other cross-compatible games now that you are aware of how to add certain pals in Fall Guys using cross-play features. If so, you can find more cross-platform games that you and your friends may play there. You can also get more details on how cross-play actually functions and how it might enhance your social gaming experience there.

You should now be able to play and enter games with your friends without platform constraints thanks to all the cross-play features for Fall Guys and the many platforms it is compatible with.

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