How to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing

youtube video error

Are you having a problem with your YouTube video not playing? If yes, then here you will find the reasons for this problem, and after that, I will discuss solutions to this problem that will be very helpful to you.

If your YouTube video is not playing, it depends on the device on which you watch YouTube. Youtube videos are not playing on Android and PC for various reasons.

So, it matters on which device you are watching YouTube. Before we move to the reasons and its solution, there is a buffering term that you should know about.

Buffering: What is it, and how can we overcome it in streaming?

When your YouTube is not playing, a rotating arrow is shown on your screen, known as buffering. Buffering refers to downloading specific data or content. And this rotating arrow appears and annoys you, and it’s just because of two reasons.

  • Your internet is unstable, or you are not able to stream your video
  • And the speed of your router is slow, which downloads your video.

So, the basic reasons for your YouTube video not playing include that you have a poor internet connection and also maybe there is a need to reload the page. This article will first discuss other causes of this problem and how we can fix it.

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7 Reasons: Why are YouTube videos not playing?

As I told you, depending on the device you are trying to watch your videos, there may be different reasons. But, here I will discuss some common and basic reasons: either you are using your smartphone or your personal computer.

1. Device Error

The first reason is your device error. A device error is a simple and easy-to-understand error. Sometimes there is no problem with your YouTube, but your android and PC device is not working properly, and you need to restart your device.

It may occur that you will be unable to watch the content or video you are looking for on YouTube due to restricted content on it YouTube, making the content unavailable to you.

2. Restricted Content

It may occur that you will be unable to watch the content or video you are looking for on YouTube due to restricted content on it YouTube, making the content unavailable to you.

3. Browsing Error

Sometimes browning might be a reason for not playing videos on YouTube. It requires a refreshment of the page by clicking on the refreshing icon at the top left corner of the web on a PC. And in the case of mobile phones, you have to swipe down just to refresh your mobile app. So, it is the basic reason why your browsers are not up-to-date.

4. Poor Internet Connection

Here is another reason for your unstable internet connection. While using YouTube, you must ensure that your internet connection is strong. If it is not, your video will not play.

poor internet connection

5. Corrupted Cache Files

Another reason is the corrupted cache files. Corrupted cache files prevent YouTube videos from playing. So, for the smooth running of your device and apps, devices sometimes alert you to remove cache files.

clear cache files

6. YouTube Facing Bugs

Sometimes, your tube is facing some errors that may be known as YouTube bugs. Your YouTube might be experiencing bugs if your video isn’t playing.

7. Use of ad-blocking apps and plugins

Suppose you are using ads-blocking apps on your smartphones and any plugins on your computer. This will prevent the YouTube video from playing. You should avoid using these apps and these types of plugins.

7 ways to fix: YouTube video playing error

You may not be able to play your YouTube video for a number of reasons, as I discussed above. It’s time to solve this, and I will discuss how you can do it now.

1. Enable or Disable VPN

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network.” Users can stay privately online with its help. So if your YouTube video is not playing, it might be because YouTube has restricted the content.

Disable VPN

In this case, you will need your best friend as a VPN. However, VPN third-party apps can lead to viruses entering your computer, which will slow down the speed of the functioning of the system as a whole.

But some apps are good in use. When your required video is not playing due to restricted content, you will receive a message from YouTube that this video is age-restricted or something like that. Then you can use these apps to unblock restricted content. So, you have to use a VPN to stay connected and to watch your desired video on YouTube.

2.     Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

Sometimes there are some issues with your Wi-Fi connection, which means you have an unstable and poor internet connection. To test your connection, you have to open your other apps that require and also search for something on your Chrome.

chrome no internet error

Suppose nothing is running smoothly. It will confirm that your Wi-Fi router is not stable. You have to fix it if you want to watch your desired YouTube video on your pc and Android device.

On the other hand, if you are using your mobile data, you also have to check your data. Go to the setting and check the sim on which you have your internet package. You have to switch off and then switch on your mobile just to refresh it.

3.     Avoid Ads-Blocking Apps And Plugins

If you use ad-blocking apps on your smartphone and plugins on your PC, your YouTube video will not play. While these apps and plugins run in the background, they collect your personal information.

pop up ads

Some apps like YouTube may lag due to this heavy bandwidth and power consumption. These apps add viruses, create bugs,  and become reasons not to play YouTube videos.   Similarly, if you use plugins on your PC, you must avoid ads-blocking plugins.

4.     Restart Your Device:

Sometimes there is no issue with your internet connection, video is not restricted, and you are not using ads-blocking apps and plugins within your device, but your device is not working properly.

restart your device

No matter which device you use to watch the video, either laptop, PC, or smartphone, if your video is not playing on YouTube, you have to restart your device. Sometimes just restarting your device can solve all of the problems we couldn’t understand and fix.

5.     Update Your GPU Driver

If you’re watching YouTube videos on your PC and you are facing issues watching your video, you have a look at the GPU driver. GPU, the “Graphic Processing Unit,” will run your video hardware.

Update your GPU Driver

You need to update your GPU driver in order to play your video. If you are not using your PC or laptop, this tip is not for you; you can skip it and follow others. 

6.     Clear Cache File

Sometimes there is some data and files become corrupted. These corrupted files sometimes damage the functionality of apps like YouTube. If you are facing a problem running your video, you must clear the cache file.

clear cache

By doing this, you will be able to remove all the corrupted data and refresh your app. If you want to clear cache files on your mobile, you have to go to the setting and follow the below steps:

  • Click on Applications
  • Select Youtube app
  • Click on the storage icon
  • You will have two options: “Clear Cache” and the other is “Clear Data.”
  • You can select any of them to clear cache files.

If you want to clear a cache file on a laptop or PC. You have to select three dots and follow the following steps:

  • Go to the setting
  • Click on the security and privacy icon.
clear history
  • Just click on the button “clear browsing data.”
  • And after that, select a blue button as “clear data.”
clear chrome data

7.     Disable Hardware Acceleration

This next method  is to turn off or disable hardware acceleration. It is specific for those who are using computers to watch YouTube videos. It is when your software is working with the hardware components.

A GPU is used instead of a CPU when your device sends messages. As a result, YouTube takes a long time to play your video. Turning off hardware acceleration will solve your problem, and you will be able to view your video. Follow these steps to do it:

  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner.
  • Go to the “Setting.”
Hardware Acceleration
  • Move towards the “Advanced Setting.”
  • Click on the “System.”
  • After that, you will have three options: disable the second option, “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available.


YouTube video not playing is a simple problem. You can solve it by applying a simple tip, but sometimes, it becomes a hectic task to watch a video. Above, I discussed seven reasons for not playing a YouTube video and solutions to this error.

You can get help by calling the “YouTube Call Center.” Suppose you can still watch your video after applying all the above tips. Hopefully, this whole piece of content has helped you understand the problem and how to fix it.

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