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How to Activate Your Wisely Pay Card Online (Review)

activate wisely card

A wisely pay card is applicable for making a debit or credit transaction. People use this card because of many reasons. Firstly, employees activate their wisely pay card and get their pay up to 2 days early for their pay and other sources of income. There is no upgrade fee needed for that. You can pay your bills by phone everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted and where Debit MasterCard is accepted.

The easiest way to activate your wisely pay card

You can activate yours wisely with some easiest ways.

How do non-Us Canadians activate the wisely pay card?

There are no separate activation steps for your wisely pay Card. You only need to pay for your purchase using your Chip and PIN to enable your contactless payments. If the Chip and PIN payment gets declined, so can use the other ATM cards.

  • Balance inquiry
  • Cash withdrawal

If you want to activate your card in Canada, you won’t be able to make a cash withdrawal at other ATMs. Please choose Balance Inquiry in order to activate your wisely card. If you’re trying to activate your card in Japan, remember you may only be able to use like 

  • Daily Yamazaki
  • E-net
  • View card
  • AEON

Information for the US cardholders

If your card was issued in the US, you can only activate it easily with some simple steps. If you want to travel, please make sure to activate it before you go, some important points for travelers.

  1. Go to your wisely account
  2. If you are using the mobile app, so open the account.
  3. Choose an option to activate the account
  4. Enter your 6 digits password and put your name.
  5. Choose your PIN

Your card details will only be available in the app, so once your card has been activated, you can travel.

Ways to check your balance without any charges

You can go to your account and check your current balance anytime without a fee. This can easily be done by logging in to your account on the myWisely mobile app, or online at

While you log in to your account, you can set up email and text alerts, including balance and other transaction alerts. So, conveniently you deliver your email address on a mobile phone. On iOS® and Android™ devices, log in to to know about your card balance and transaction history without any charges. These are the simple ways to check your balance and your transaction history.

Various types of wisely card

You can get the benefits of using the two types of wisely cards- Wisely Pay & Wisely Direct by ADP with cards and apps for convenient online banking. Wisely pay is a company-issued debit card that simple and fast access to your savings. With the help of this card, you can upgrade your account without any extra charges. In this way, you can easily manage your money without any charges whenever you withdraw or deposit for two days.

The surprising and unique mobile app comes with Ava, their 24/7 support virtual assistant and they can get any type of help. Unlike the Wisely Pay card, Wisely Direct by ADP comes up from ADP instead of workers. You can request to have your wages deposited to your Wisely Direct debit through ADP and get your payments early.

Why do people prefer this card mostly?

There are many reasons for using this card, some of them are here.

  1. A unique card with free direct deposit and check your balance without any charges.
  2. The built-in EMV chip prevents cases of fraud and many other theft cases.
  3. No overdraft charges or any other requirements of minimum balance.
  4. You can withdraw your cash from over 100,000 locations by using this card.
  5. Pay your bills, shop online, buy anything you want with a check or a credit card and take discounts from many malls.
  6. Your master debit card is also accepted.
  7. People use debit cards to get benefits from their government.
  8. Cashback rewards, referral bonuses, and product discounts will be provided to their clients.
  9. Now you can check your Wisely card balance on your phone without any charges. 

In a nutshell

Most people don’t any idea how would they activate their wisely pay cards online. So, In this review, you can take the simple and best ideas for the activation of your account. You know about the benefits and the usage of this card. Moreover, you can save and check the balance and take an idea of transaction history without any charges.

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