Golf Polo Vs. Polo Shirt: Knowing The Distinctions For Indoor And Outdoor Wear

Still today, many of us have quarries; these quarries are similar to others in many ways. However, what sets them apart? Although many treat them as equivalents, this is not the case. Let’s begin comparing and contrasting them right away. Golf shirts are typically make from polyester mixes. Easily dry quickly in hot and humid conditions. Plus, the cut is a bit looser than polo shirts. This make it faster-drying than golf shirts.

Polo shirts are more commonly wear for more formal occasions. While golf shirts are exclusively for the sport of golf.

Knowing The Difference Between A Golf Shirt And A Polo Shirt

 Differences between these two styles of shirts are minimal, but they do exist. So, let’s go over these in this very room. One of the most noticeable distinctions between polo shirts and golf shirts is the fabric manufacturing part . However, I observe, the majority of brands like Edwards Polo shirts construct with pique knit material, typically cotton. But also occasionally silk, merino wool, synthetic fibers like polyester, or a blend of cotton and polyester. Pique knit is an absorbent and breathable double-layer fabric.

Typically, a golf shirt has either 100% polyester or a cotton-polyester blend of 50%. Pique knit fabrics, however, are rarely useable. Thanks to the moisture-wicking technology typically found in golf shirt fabrics, you can stay comfortable. Also, play longer in hot and humid conditions. The fabric enhances sweat’s evaporation, which helps keep the skin dry.

The pique knit fabric used to make polo shirts isn’t as moisture-wicking as that used to make golf shirts. This means that while they are breathable, polo shirts will likely stay damp for longer. Therefore, others believe golf shirts are better for outdoor use, whereas polo shirts are more at home indoors.

The Collar

Although the differences between polo and golf shirt collars are not as to much. However, those between the two shirt types, they are nonetheless there. Typically, the collar of a golf shirt is double-stitched so it can carry as both flat when folded down.

In most cases, a golf shirt’s collar construct with the same fabric as the rest of the shirt, but in certain cases, it may be the only has knitted component. Polo shirt collars are usually knit from the same fabric as the rest of the shirt, and they only have one seam. Because polo shirt collars are designed to rise at the back of the neck, they provide an extra layer of protection against the sun for that often exposed area. For no reason other than to be trendy, there are those who now choose to always wear their polo shirts with the collars up.

A Pocket In The Breasts

When defining a polo shirt or golf shirt, some people have different ideas regarding whether or not a breast pocket is required. Nonetheless, when searching for a polo shirt, you will see that the vast majority of them do not feature any pockets. Most polo shirts don’t have breast pockets, but if you do, you’ll find the ones that do are on the right side. Golf shirts has left breast poacket . Historically, the breast pocket location in these shirts was so that the presence of an item in the pocket wouldn’t impede the wearer’s ability to swing a mallet or golf club.

The designs of today’s golf and polo shirts have moved away from those of yesteryear, increasing the prevalence of shirts that break from the norm and giving rise to various interpretations and interpretational squabbles. And this is yet another distinction you may have observed between polo shirts and golf shirts.

Length Of Sleeve 

Although it may be difficult for the untrained eye to tell the difference, golf and polo shirts have somewhat different sleeve lengths. It’s common for the sleeves of a polo shirt to reach about halfway down the bicep, whereas those of a golf shirt will hang closer to the elbow. The variation is on the order of a few centimeters, so it is not likely to play a large role in your decision between the two styles of shirt. That said, we still have a distinction on our hands.


Polo shirts has cut closer to the body than golf shirts. It is design to be more form-fitting around the bicep due to their shorter sleeves and narrower armholes. Polo shirts, in general, have a trimmer cut across the chest than golf shirts. Golf shirts, some people argue, are preferable for the sport because they provide more freedom of movement and do not impede the player’s arm swing.

The cuff of tee’s 

As I describe above, polo shirts sets part from golf shirts narrower armholes. In particular, slightly piped cuffs and snug fit at the middle of the bicep makes difference in between both. Even more they are roomier in circumference than those of polo shirts. Because golf shirts often have longer sleeves than polo shirts, the cuffs on golf shirts tend to hang a few inches lower.

Comparison of the Golf Shirt with the Polo Shirt

Now you know the key distinctions between the two types of shirts, often overlooked by casual wearers: the golf shirt and the polo shirt. The problem is deciding which one to pick. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss several crucial issues to think about before making a purchase. However, Edward Polo shirts are widely known as the best fabric quality.

Clothing for Inside vs. Outside

When deciding between a golf shirt and a polo shirt, one must ask, “Will I be wearing this indoors or outdoors?”

When going outside where there’s a good chance, you’ll sweat or get wet. A golf shirt, which typically has some moisture-wicking technology, maybe the best option. Unfortunately, once a polo shirt becomes wet, the fabric doesn’t dry as quickly as other fabrics. 

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