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Elden Rings: How to Get the Magic Scorpion Charm


Elden Rings is a perfect role-playing game that can get you through your weekend and even can build a craze in you for it! In this game, you will not only have to just go for it, but it has some brainstorming levels that can take some time to finish! Moreover, this title has some weapons under the category of Talisman! These weapons are the best for a change!

This equipment helps you to increase your HP Level, FP Level, and damage rate/skills! People on the internet are going crazy for a weapon called “Magic Scorpion Charm”. As it has a lot of hoops that people don’t know about! In this article, I will tell you all about how to get the magic scorpion charm in Elden Rings.

Let’s dig deep to get that magic scorpion charm:

In order to get this reward, you must do a bunch of tasks in the quest line! We have compiled an in-depth guide for you to do so!

So, in order to get that dagger first, you must make sure that you go and talk to Raani behind the Caria Manor and pledge your loyalty to her!

So where is this Caria Manor located?

Caria Manor

You can find this Manor near the Northwestern end of Elden Ring’s Liurnia of the Lake! And this place is filled with so many rewards including, Sword of Night, Ice Crest Shield, and different spells along with ashes of war! Pretty, eh?

And from this, you can reach Raani the Witch!

But is it that easy?

It’s not!

Caria Manor Boss:

In Elden Ring, you can fight Royal Knight Loretta in one of the optional Liurnia Dungeons. There is a boss waiting at the back of Caria Manor, a dungeon in northern Liurnia that houses Royal Knight Loretta. In order to get near Raani, you have to defeat this mini-boss! And then you can easily pass Cariana Manor and can get in touch with Raani!

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A step closer to Magic Scorpion Charm:

Well, as you are in touch with Raani, you are a step closer to getting a scorpion charm! Upon pledging your loyalty to her, you will be able to assist Seluvis in his creation of puppets at Seluvis’ Rise south of Ranni’s tower. Selves would be asking for a potion made by Marlin that you should give him. He then gives you a decoy potion but tells you it will kill the person that you’re giving it to. Return and talk to Seluvis in his puppet dungeon. Pay 10 gold to have him unlock the conversation tree for Marlin, who can teach you the entire list of Sorceries now. You’ll find him at the location marked below.

Seluvis is an NPC in Guild Wars who needs your help. He’s been tasked with turning Ranni into a puppet and needs some special items so he can make his plot a success. At first, everything seems random as you’re unable to complete his quest until you introduce him to the item called, Amber Starlight. As you have obtained this item, Seluvis will begin hunting for another object called, Magic Scorpion Charm. You are then asked to return back to Seluvis with both items. And it’s finally completed along with one of the endings where you will be locked out of Ranni’s quest.

And this way you will be able to get “Magic Scorpion Charm.”

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