What are the Best Cities Live Without Car?


Do you ever think about what it might be like to be car-free? In favor of this action there are two main reasons: Donating an old car to Habitat for Humanity is a great way to help reduce global warming and have a positive impact on the lives of those who receive the vehicle. But what are the best cities live without a car?

Reducing monthly costs (like gas, insurance, and maintenance; fostering community links, etc.); reducing traffic, which means fewer cars on the road, which means less pollution; etc. are all potential benefits of giving up car ownership.

Contributing a vehicle to Habitat for Humanity has additional benefits:

  • In certain cases, donating a car might result in a large tax deduction.
  • Donations go toward building decent, reasonably priced houses for local families.

The present record high price of fuel means that operating a car is more expensive than at any time in history. Since gas prices are only expected to grow more, many individuals may be considering non-automotive commute options. Whether you’re trying to cut down on your carbon footprint or your oil use, House Method can help you find the best areas to live without a car.

Get around without driving anywhere

If you already live in one of these areas, you may find it simpler to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. However, if you don’t, you shouldn’t let that stop you from trying. Rather than driving your car every day, try riding your bike instead. When possible, take a stroll outside. Take the bus to the grocery store and back. You should advocate for the local government for more and better transportation options for workers. A new way of life may be started in motion with as little as one little step toward a more minimalist, car-free lifestyle.

Would you be willing to give up your car?

Donate your car to Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes program. To put it simply, your donation will go to the local Habitat, where it will be utilized to help families build safe, affordable houses.

We don’t care whether it runs or if it’s completely damaged; we’ll take it. Steel from recycled vehicles may be used to make new vehicles, which reduces the production of harmful volatile organic compounds.

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Top 5 Best Cities Live Without Car

The Walk Score quantifies the degree to which a city is conducive to walking, biking, and relying on public transit and assigns a value between zero and one hundred. With the help of Walk Score’s ratings, we were able to combine information from the other two measures and establish the best areas for those who don’t have a car. You may find that list down below, along with some further information on each city:

1. San Francisco

One of the most common gripes about life in or around San Francisco is the long commute. One local share how easy it was for him to give up his automobile and focus on other pursuits.

I got rid of my automobile years ago and never looked back. I even spent some time commuting from the southern tip of the peninsula, where I had access to both public transportation and an employer-provided shuttle bus. It worked well and took very little time.

Along with using services like Uber, Lyft, and Scoot for transportation, another popular choice is carpooling.

Automobiles from Zipcar and Getaround may be found at lots around the city. A variety of services are available to satisfy your automobile rental requirements, whether you want a vehicle for an hour or a day. The convenience of having a vehicle without the associated costs (such as insurance or car payment) is an added bonus of these services.

2. New York City

The buzz, crackle, and electricity that permeates New York City have been described by many as the city’s defining characteristic. This energy, like all the others described in urban legends, is real, although not as ubiquitous as one would expect.

NYC Traffic: How Neighborhoods Outside of Manhattan Are Feeling the Pain - The New York Times

New York Metropolis’s vibe is unlike anything I’ve experienced in any other city. I may not have visited every major city in the world, but I have been around the block more times than most, and I can assure you that New York City’s energy is every bit as distinct and visceral as you’ve been led to believe.

One of the many advantages of living in “The City that Never Sleeps” is the abundance of safe and convenient public transit alternatives. It’s also the most walkable major metropolis in the United States.

You need to be in a place where parking isn’t a major hassle if you want to keep your car. That rules out ninety-nine percent of Manhattan.

3. Boston

After extensive trips around the nation and the globe, we have come to take Boston’s status as a world-class city for granted.

Best Places to Live Without a Car - Commuter Benefit Solutions

Simply said, Boston is a dream come true for the American who values a fast-paced lifestyle, appreciates the availability of a wide variety of entertainment alternatives, and appreciates the opportunity to unwind and have fun whenever the mood strikes. If you’re expecting a concrete, steel, and glass environment, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you move to Boston.

The cultural, athletic, and historical offerings of Boston are vast. You will love living in Boston, from attending Boston Tea Party reenactments to exploring the Big Dig.

However, the city’s size makes it feasible to comfortably cycle or walk most areas at any time of year.

Being a major tech center, Boston is home to a plethora of new companies, many of which provide innovative modes of transportation. Public transportation options such as carpooling, vanpooling, community shuttles, and car and bike-sharing are readily available.

4. Chicago

As the third-largest city in the country, Chicago naturally has excellent public transportation options.

The 6 Best Suburbs in Chicago for Car-Free Living |

It costs me $105 a month to ride all CTA buses and trains as much as I like. You can go everywhere you need to, whether it’s in the central business district or the surrounding neighborhoods.

The price tag is something I’ve already worked out. It’s now far more cost-effective than owning a vehicle because of factors such as monthly payments, insurance, petrol, maintenance, auto rentals, and Uber costs for unplanned journeys.

Furthermore, Chicago ranks well among the world’s most walkable cities.

5. Miami

Many foreign flights pass via Miami. The city’s development as one of the greatest places to live (and visit) without an automobile reflects this fact.

The Best Miami Neighborhoods to Live Without a Car | |

For a little fee, I can take an Uber or Lyft wherever in the city. Getting around is less of a hassle if you do it at night. And you won’t have to worry about valet fees or finding a parking spot.

It’s not really worth it to own a vehicle here since most apartment complexes either don’t provide parking or only provide valet or paid parking places.

In conclusion

For the most part, towns that don’t need cars have a mix of public transit and rideshare-style firms that serve those who desire the convenience of a car without the responsibility or expense of owning one. More and more communities will likely become accommodating to people who choose not to possess a vehicle as these services continue to proliferate.

So, what are the best cities live without a car? According to our research, New York Metropolis is the most convenient major city in which to live and travel without using a car. It has the greatest overall access to parks, public transit, schools, hospitals, and medical services, as well as the lowest travel times, earning it the maximum score possible in this area. The remaining four places were filled by the cities of Arlington, Chicago, and Boston.

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