Step by Step Guide: A Deep Clean of Your Car Interior

A Deep Clean of Your Car Interior

A spotless car interior is a must for an enjoyable driving experience. Dust, dirt, and debris can sneak up fast in car seats, floors and everywhere else! You’ll have to make time for cleaning if they are going to stay in pristine condition. Not only that, but regular cleaning can also help maintain the value of your vehicle over the years. To help keep your car lookin’ its best at all times, we’ve put together an easy to follow guide. Keep on reading to find out how you can whip that car interior into shape like a pro!


Before you get to work on tidying up your car interior, it’s important that you have all the equipment you need. Collect a vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloths, a cleaning solution of your choice, glass cleaner and don’t forget some carpet shampoo. 

Time to roll up your sleeves. Start by tackling every inch of dirt and debris with the trusty vacuum cleaner by suctioning everything within reach. This tedious job is essential as it will help pave the way for an easier cleaning process and procedures which ultimately guarantees a mint clean finish!

Cleaning the Dashboard

When you open your car door, the dashboard is one of the first things that greets you. For this very reason, it’s essential to clean it often – after all, dust and grime will settle here quickly!

Start off by using a microfiber cloth to lightly dust and wipe away debris from the surface of your dashboard. Then efficiently tackle any tougher messes with a gentle cleaning solution, wiped clean afterwards with another microfiber cloth for perfect results.

Finally, when your dashboard is sparkling from top to bottom be sure to borrow this advice and keep it clean – because a little tenderness goes a long way when keeping everything nice and spick-and-span.

Cleaning the Seats

Many seats in cars can easily become marred with dirt and grime. Pets, kids, and everyday wear and tear play an enormous role. To have a car with clean and comfy seats, break out the vacuum cleaner first: removing any loose grime with some gentle suction helps start on the right foot. Once that’s done, zero in on specific stains to spot clean; there are many household cleaners right for this chore. Afterward pour some cleaning solution onto the seat at once, using steady circular motions for spread even coverage. At last, leave your handiwork to air-dry and bask from a job well done!

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Cleaning the Carpets and Mats

The carpets and mats in your car need special care to avoid accumulating dirt and grime. Going for a spin won’t do enough to keep them clean!

To effectively clean the carpets and mats, start off by vacuuming them. This will remove all the loose dirt so it’s time well spent. 

Once you’ve vacuumed, shampoo the carpets and mats with either a store-bought carpet cleaner or one made specifically for cars. You’ll be pleased with the results when you see just how much fresher and cleaner car rides can be! 

Finally, to ensure the carpets and mats are in their best condition, allow them to air dry completely before taking your car out on the roads again. Enjoy feeling like you’re in a brand new car every day!

Cleaning the Windows

Being able to see clearly while driving is of utmost importance. Dirty or streaky windows can be a dangerous distraction. To maintain clean car windows, you’ll need a tried and true glass cleaner and a trusty microfiber cloth. Begin by giving your side views mirrors a once (or twice!) over, wiping down stubborn dirt patches and any streaks that have fused with the glass. After that it’s smooth sailing! Follow up on the rest of your car’s windows including the back view mirror and interior windshield in frequent cleanings. Doing this will ensure optimal driving conditions each ride as well as an overall pristine vehicle appearance for all to admire!

Cleaning the Trunk

Don’t let the trunk be overlooked during your automotive cleanup routine. Your first step should be to vacuum out the space – getting rid of any dirt, debris, and more that might be settled in there. Once you have a clean canvas you can move on to treating any stubborn stains or other spills. A carpet cleaner or cleaning solution should do the trick, giving you a full interior clean.


In conclusion, cleaning your car interior fully presents few complications and carries copious rewards. After spending only a short amount of time completing the simple steps outlined in our article, you will be pleased to find a great improvement in both the overall appearance and potential market value of your car. Yet, one cleaning session is rarely adequate. Make it a point to regularly inspect and clean your interior cab close to maintain its luster or even see an increase in its purchasing power due to the improved condition.

Once you’ve given your car’s interior the royal treatment, now it’s time to tackle its exterior. Make sure every detail looks perfect – if needed get help from an expert or trust cash for cars gold coast for quality parts that will have your ride looking better than ever!

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