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4th of July Messages

The 4th of July is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of Independence from British rule. On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was ratified and became one of the most influential texts in American history. The 4th of July is the most popular moniker for the festival that is also known as Independence Day and the birthday of the United States.

The Fourth of July is the only national holiday that is dedicated to honoring America and its rich heritage. Patriotic parades and other public shows of support for the nation are commonplace around this occasion. Since it occurs during the summer, most of the festivities take place in the open air. Celebrations of many kinds, including picnics, barbecues, and family get-togethers, are commonplace on the Fourth of July holiday.

Fourth of July Messages for Smalll Business Owners
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The majority of parades occur early in the morning. Marching bands, drill teams, civic officials, beauty pageant winners, floats with patriotic themes, and balloon displays are common sights during local parades. The streets of the city are lined with onlookers of all ages as the procession passes by. Children in the crowd may get frantic if candy is thrown into the air. Fireworks displays are often conducted later in the evening, after the sky has become dark, with enormous, colorful explosions providing a brilliant beam of light and hope. In certain areas, fireworks are let off to the accompaniment of an orchestra or stage presentation with patriotic music.

What Is the Appropriate Business Greeting for the Fourth of July?

Many companies observe Independence Day since it is a secular holiday. They may choose to shut down, provide employees holiday hours or pay, or provide a holiday bonus to mark the significance of the day. It’s understandable that many locally owned companies can’t close for the holiday, but that doesn’t mean they can’t show their patriotism with a particular message. As long as it promotes a favorable image of America, there is no set formula for a Fourth of July message.

An Instructional Guide to Fourth of July Text Message Writing

Let’s speak about what characteristics a good Fourth of July text should have now that you have some models to work from. Even though it’s a breeze to write up and fire out, there are a few guidelines to follow.

1. Maintain an upbeat, cordial tone.

The war for American freedom from Great Britain is the inspiration for the Fourth of July, but you don’t have to mention it in your messages.

Just make sure the mood is happy and festive while yet being patriotic. Simply wishing someone a happy Fourth of July or mentioning the holiday is sufficient.

2. Maintain proper etiquette

Be cautious with the jokes you select to use if you decide to go with a lighthearted, celebratory tone for your writing. You should still seem professional, so be lighthearted without being flippant. Also, although this festival has political origins, that’s not an appropriate subject for (most) messages. Simply say hello and share any promotions you have.

3. Focus on why you’re celebrating.

We know this is a given. But we’ll say it anyway: if you’re texting around July 4th, be sure to specify that it’s for a holiday. Never say “the holiday” or make a general reference to summer.

4. Just make sure it’s not too long and boring.

The maximum length of a standard SMS message is 160 characters. Thus, keep the message brief, including just a welcome and a reference to the sale, product launch, or announcement.

Including relevant links in your content is an easy way to keep readers interested and increase interaction.


Send a short note to the people in your target audience to show them you’re thinking of them now.

While planning your 4th of July email marketing, consider your company, its brand, and its consumers when deciding on the tone and content. Determine what kind of July 4th content might work best for your company. Is it your goal to educate your customers about the individuals behind the American-made goods you sell? What is the significance of July 4th in American history? The spectacular fireworks and how they came to be an annual event in our culture. Those fantastic barbeques, picnics, and cookouts, right? Or maybe you’d want to provide some patriotic dishes. Managing your inbox becomes simple if you’ve established a system.

Here are some ready-made 4th of July greetings that you can copy and paste (or modify!). You can use it in your own emails, SMS messages, social media postings, and more to share with clients.

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Greetings & Email Templates

  1. It’s the 4th of July, an opportunity to commemorate our freedom. All of us at (company name) wish you a wonderful celebration. Enjoy the holiday and let it inspire you to continue being a valued member of our nation.
  2. We would like to wish you all a fun-filled Independence Day holiday! May you and your loved ones enjoy this day and remember that it represents everything you constructively contribute to our company, the industry, and ultimately, the country.
  3. On this 4th of July, we appreciate your continued support to this great nation. And as we will strive to serve you better, may our collaboration give light to a greater America!
  4. We wish all our customers a Happy 4th of July! On this day, we appreciate the patriotic men and women who fought and sacrificed themselves so that we can enjoy the privileges that America has today. Let’s celebrate!
  5. Today, we celebrate yet another year of Independence! Saluting the sacrifices made by our heroes past. In commemoration, we pledge to never take their efforts for granted and strive for a better America. Happy Independence!
  6. We wish you a happy Independence Day full of glamour and excitement! Remember that without the freedom received on the 4th of July 1776, America would not be the financial powerhouse we are today. Happy Independence Day!
  7. Regardless of your religion, political affiliations, or career, the 4th of July is an occasion to commemorate the contribution of freedom. We, therefore, invite you to celebrate the 4th of July with happiness and enthusiasm. Have a Happy Independence Day!


During the Christmas season, companies may reach their consumers more directly via text message than ever before. If you can schedule a text message to coincide with a holiday, particularly the 4th of July, you will make both your audience and their day more memorable.

Emails for the Fourth of July may benefit from a variety of design approaches. They include animation, fireworks GIFs, graphics, aesthetically pleasing photos, gradients, unique calls to action, and simplicity. To further increase the aesthetic appeal and subscriber engagement of these emails, you may even test out interactive components like countdown clocks, the hover effect, and gamification.

All over the United States, from sea to shining sea, people celebrate the Fourth of July. However, the festivities are virtually as unique and varied as the cities that hold them; for instance, rodeos and county fairs are commonplace throughout the west during the 4th of July weekend, while in Brooklyn, New York, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is an annual event. You can get everything you need, from tableware to tablecloths to table centerpieces, at your go-to party supply store in time for your Fourth of July celebrations.

With these Fourth of July wishes and messages, may you finally break free from that pesky writer’s block? If you’re looking for a quick reference for your Fourth of July advertising, you’ve got it in these tips.

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